The Health History of Alkaline Water

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( — April 1, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — The Nobel Prize is the most prestigious international award for excellence in academic, cultural, or scientific advances, so in 1931, it was Otto Warburg who received the prize for discovering that 90%-95% of all cancers are triggered in an acidic environment. His research proved that cancer cells cannot multiply or stay alive in an alkaline atmosphere, specifically around pH 7.36 or higher. Eventually it was uncovered that what humans consume influenced the body’s pH and other scientists and medical practitioners persist to build upon Warburg’s findings and develop better treatments as they continue their search for a cure. 

“It was in the early 1960’s that the Japanese started research on the possible therapeutic benefits of alkaline ionized water,” informs Water for Health UK. “This research was a follow up to earlier work carried out in Russia. The research in Japan focused on using electronic devices to split water into alkaline and acidic streams. As the benefits of alkaline ionized water began to be appreciated, manufacture of water ionizers greatly increased. It was subsequently approved as a medical device in Japan and is now used there in clinics. It is widely used in North America and now increasingly so in Europe, as awareness has grown about the negative effects of excess acidity from our diets and lifestyles.” 

Understanding how food and drinks affect the body in terms of pH levels is critical to making healthy dietary selections. There are many acid forming foods and sadly, they are often the tastiest ones as well. Chips, sweets and even pizzas are all acid forming foods when consumed and they begin to chemically react with the digestive enzymes. On the flip side, eating right isn’t difficult with a little discipline. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and water rich foods are some of the key elements of an alkaline rich diet which will help with preventing or combating a number of ailments such as cancer.  

“Modern medicine treats these malignant cells as if they were bacteria and viruses, it uses chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to treat cancer,” says Keiichi Morishita, Director of the Ochanomizu Clinic in Japan and the Head of the International Natural Medicine Association. “Yet none of these treatments will help very much if the environment of the body continues to remain acidic. Drinking water that has a high alkaline pH, because of its de-acidifying effect, will help in preventing cancer. In Asia, alkaline water is regularly served to patients, and is considered a regular part of treatment.” 

A diet dominated by unprocessed plant-based alkaline foods results in a more alkaline urine pH level which speaks to the protection of healthy cells and better retention of essential minerals for optimal wellbeing. Keeping the body alkaline has been shown to help circumvent the creation of plague in blood vessels, stop calcium from amassing in urine and promote bone health. A host of other benefits are linked to alkalinity.  

“The pH of the body is measured on a scale between 0 and 14, with 7 being neutral. Anything over 7 is alkaline and anything under is acidic. It’s thought that for the body to remain healthy, its pH must stay between 7.35 and 7.45. The problem is that our diets are becoming more acidic and most people are not aware that a large percentage of the foods we normally consume can alter these levels. As a consequence, the organs experience a series of problems when trying to carry out their functions. As toxin levels increase, tissues begin to deteriorate and serious diseases occur.” 

An alkaline forming diet, including the consumption of alkaline water, is the best bet to staying healthy and starving off diseases that are typically encouraged by acidic conditions. Everyone knows that doctors recommend atleast 6 to 8 glasses of water be consumed daily, however, depending on the needs of an individual’s body, plain old water will not suffice. The HealthyWiser™ pH Alkaline Booster Drops are available on the market to improve the pH of almost any drink not only water, so there’s always a way to eat and drink to a better pH at all times.

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