The Skripal Case Explained

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( — March 31, 2018) — Skripal and his daughter were found unconscious on a bench in Salisbury, UK. In a country packed with CCTV cameras, Scotland Yard has no suspects. No images have been made public no sketches, let alone photos, no images of Skripals have been released. Only the photos of a special unit in bio-hazard suits collecting evidence – well, mainly wrapping a bench in plastic where the father and daughter were sitting when they were found.

Authorities immediately discovered that Skripal, the ex Russian double agent, and his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent with Russian name Novichok. So, the math is clear: Ex Russian spy was poisoned brutally with a Russian nerve toxin, so it is Moscow to blame.

But here is the real question: Why would president Putin during the presidential campaign order a brutal killing of an ex spy that has no power hurting Russian national interests whatsoever, but risk world scale backslash?

It is impossible to answer this question but let us ask some other questions that also remain unanswered.

Pumping up the story, UK’s media reported that more than 130 people may be exposed to the nerve toxin and that 40 people were admitted to Salsbury hospital with symptoms of poisoning with a nerve agent.

Obviously, when an attack with a bio-weapon occurs in a public space, it is expected that it would affect people in the vicinity. Also it portrays the incident as a mindless terrorist attack so brutal it craves for a strong and justified response.

“No Patients Have Experienced Symptoms Of Nerve Agent Poisoning In Salisbury” said the Salisbury hospital doctor who confirmed only Sergei Skripal, 66, his daughter Yulia,33 and the Sgt Bailey of Wiltshire police who first responded at the crime scene was admitted to the hospital. Sgt. Bailey has recovered and reunited with his family. Further more, it has been confirmed that sgt. Bailey was poisoned not at the cryme scene but in Skripal’s home.

More countries demand some evidence from the UK that the Skripal case is not another false flag and that the Russians are indeed behind the attack. Here is how the UK explains it all: If we say Russians did it, then they did it.

Moscow adamantly denies the attack while the UK and US are using the case to satanize Russia and to justify measures by expelling Russian diplomats. After the Crimea (Ukraine) case and Russiagate in the US, the Skripal attack was used to firmly position the Russians as enemies of a free world, especially to the EU.

But why is it important to set the Russian Federation on a collision course with the European Union?

The “name of the game“ is saving the EU, a journalist and geopolitical expert from London Sinisa Ljepojevic told Sputnik’s journalist and military expert Miroslav Lazanski.

According to Mr. Ljepojevic the EU started collapsing from within. One of the major indicators is Brexit, Britain’s exit strategy but other EU member countries are deeply unsatisfied and on the verge of collapse. The only way to preserve the EU is to install a clear and present danger from the outside. Of course, Russia is the best candidate.

But why the UK? How is it that the country which has left the EU qualifies to save the Union? The answer to this question lies in Brussels, the center of EU’s power. It is much easier to seize one center of power than to do the same with every single country. The decisions made in the EU parliament are mandatory for all EU countries, so if you have influence in the EU parliament, you have influence over France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden… over all of the EU countries.

That is exactly why the UK left the EU, but still has interest to preserve the Union as it is now. Along with the US, the UK needs to rule Europe. Giving countries that „follow the leader“, the attack in Salisbury now make sense.