Guide to Devising the Ideal Content Strategy for Better Link Building and Overall SEO

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( — April 2, 2018) — Is it enough to create a beautiful high-quality website and let things unfold on its own to drive SEO? The answer is an emphatic no because you have to do many more things like proper web hosting and SEO optimisation to make the marketing campaign take off. Similarly, just creating good content and posting it on the website will not do much good for SEO. To drive traffic to the content, generate leads and enjoy conversions, you have to take suitable measures to ensure that the content draws enough attention and enjoys a good amount of sharing.  In simple words, you have to plan well to circulate the content across the web systematically using different platforms and media so that it garners high attention, which would lead to more sharing.

What could happen if you are unable to market the content well, would become clear by looking at the results of a survey conducted across one million websites. The objective of the survey was to assess what type of content receives higher sharing and more links and what is the correlation between the two elements. The sample size of 100,000 was good enough to provide a convincing result because the random selection ensured that there was no bias.  Fifty percent of the posts received two or less response like comments, likes and shares from viewers across the social media and more than 75% content was not able to gather any external links.  Links provide the lifeline to smaller websites in the face of stiff competition they have to face from larger business entities that dominate the keywords for earning high ranks. 

In this article, you would find a brief guide to creating a content strategy that is effective in ensuring that the content receives adequate links that can drive traffic to the website.

Understand the competition and the audience

It may appear that it is not at all difficult to implement SEO by taking a generic approach. This is a big mistake because the type of SEO differs between industry segments. Ecommerce SEO is not the same as the kind of SEO you would need for the education industry. In the former, you have to interact with the customers directly while in the latter, you have to depend on influencers to drive traffic to the content that helps to earn links.

Conduct good research before launching the SEO campaign so that you understand the competitive scenario in the field, the audience behaviour and the touch points that could make the content popular.  On analysing the data, you could get the right direction about how to place the content efficiently to attract traffic and links. By using tools like BuzzSumo, SemRush or Ahrefs you can obtain a list of posts that attract high shares and links in respective domains or against some specific search term. The result will show the number of domains the content should link to drive sizeable traffic to it. Now you know what type of content to create.

Establish strategic links to other relevant content       

From the above research, you know about other articles that have enough links and relevant to the article that you are about to create. By strategically linking to those articles, you can reach out to a new audience that increases the chances of acquiring links. The more sites you can identify to establish links with, larger will be the circle that you could connect and create better opportunities for earning more links. When selecting the target websites, evaluate the quality of links it contains so that you do not run after poor quality links.

The process begins by approaching the websites with the intention of building relationships with them. Tell them that you have something to offer that could be interesting to them, which they could publish.   Do not forget to mention about the selected websites in your article. Once they respond positively to your request, you must accommodate them in your article suitably.

Be ready with an outreach strategy

Identify individuals or groups that you want to reach out by using e-mails or the social media platform because it will make it easy to create wider outreach quickly. The people you choose must be relevant to the business niche as well as the content that you would use for connecting to them. Make a list by scanning the social media so that you are ready to go out to them. Work out the introduction pitch that you want to use for getting close to the targeted people so that you are sure of generating the right response. The better you are in captivating the audience better would be the results.

 Implementing the strategies requirea good amount of homework and preparation because you have to win the hearts first and then links would start flowing automatically.