Turmeric Is Thought to Be an Effective Diabetes-Fighting Remedy

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(Newswire.net — April 11, 2018) Orlando, FL — More and more people are turning to the use of natural remedies like turmeric. Individuals who suffer from conditions like diabetes may turn to the use of this natural remedy instead of pharmaceutical drugs.

Turmeric is thought to be an effective diabetes-fighting remedy. This chronic metabolic condition develops when the levels of blood sugar stay high as the body fails to regulate them. The hormone called insulin is greatly involved in the disease.

According to experts, it is produced by the pancreas and has the ability to control blood sugar. Glucose or blood sugar serves as a fuel for different cellular activities. Insulin takes care of transporting glucose from the blood to the fat, muscles and liver cells, which is where it is utilized as fuel or stored.

The transformation of glucose is typically hampered by insulin resistance or little insulin in diabetes cases. This affects the body negatively. The three main types of diabetes are Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes and Gestational diabetes.

The first type is caused by the lack of insulin production and the second type is due to the failure of cells to appropriately respond to insulin. Gestational diabetes, on the other hand, happens during pregnancy because of high blood glucose levels.

This perennial herb called turmeric is native to Asia, particularly in India. There have been numerous research studies that demonstrate the effects of turmeric against diabetes and the complications it brings.

According to researchers, turmeric’s anti-inflammatory effects could fight inflammation in diabetes. It is important to remember that chronic low level inflammation is linked with diabetes and obesity. This spice could help modulate a variety of pathways and activity of many proteins.

In a study featured in the Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, it was found that the use of curcumin resulted in the reduction of proteins and enzymes involved in inflammation in individuals with diabetes.

This ancient medicinal spice reduces oxidative stress in diabetes, decreases blood sugar levels, as well as repair and regenerate pancreas cells.

In the study published in the Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome, it was found that curcumin not only helps reduce blood sugar levels but also aids in regenerating as well as repairing pancreatic islet cells that are damaged.

Taking supplements is essential in making use of turmeric’s health benefits. Divine Bounty Curcumin supplement could be an extremely helpful formula to use to take advantage of these therapeutic effects. Individuals who want to fight diabetes may incorporate this formula in their diet.


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