Trade War Between the US and China Threatens Stock Investors

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( — April 5, 2018) — The current trade debate between the US and China has turned into a full-blown war, claims The Guardian. There is no arguing the fact that this situation is extremely serious and it can have disastrous consequences for the world as a whole. Stock investors are some of the first to suffer the backlash of this issue as stocks are going out of control. The wisest thing to do it seems is to invest into something that will be both more stable and less dependent on the global trade situation. Opening a small business (or several) might be the best solution for many.

The US Vs. China: Can There Be a Winner?

There cannot be a clear winner in the trade war situation, especially in the globalized world of today. In essence, what these two behemoths of trade are doing now is a tug of war that harms both nations equally. Both of them require trade deals between the two nations to be profitable. Yet, their inability to find workable compromises threatens to break off the trade entirely. This will virtually rob both countries of extremely rich markets.

One also needs to keep in mind that the latest Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum import affect not only Chinese traders. Despite being the biggest world’s manufacturer of these materials, China only delivers a small fraction of its output to the USA. The biggest importers of steel to America are Canada, Brazil, and South Korea. Yet, the situation caused by the tariffs affects all of them and therefore the global market.

As a result of this situation, multiple stock markets have gone on a wild and unpredictable ride, harming thousands of investors in the process. A savvy person with a capital today would be wise to reconsider this investment and opt to start a small business instead.

Small Business Ideas Most Likely to Succeed in 2018

  1. Hair and beauty salon.
    According to statistics, the beauty industry has been growing steadily over the last few years. It’s also predicted to keep growing, so opening a hair and beauty salon is a wise choice. This isn’t a way to become a multimillionaire overnight, but it’s a steady source of income with a great prognosis. It’s also a rather cheap business to start considering the rewards. The main expenses are the rental space, which must be in a popular location and the equipment. One can find affordable variations of the latter from specialized suppliers like Once the place is set up, it’s only a matter of hiring talented professionals and providing them with the supplies they need. If one chooses the place for a salon well, they will need only a minimal marketing effort to attract customers.
  2. Secondhand store.
    Secondhand stores are getting more popular and will be a good choice for an investor willing to go into retail. It’s the cheapest and safest option compared to opening a boutique. It’s also a much easier business to start than a good eCommerce store. One needs to bear in mind that location is a very important factor for this business as well. However, it shouldn’t be difficult to find places in any city where a good secondhand store would be most welcome.
  3. Mobile food business.
    Opening a restaurant or a café requires a major investment in legalities, a difficult headhunting campaign for a chef, and a fortune spent on equipment, design, and marketing. Mobile food businesses, on the other hand, need very little, yet they fail very rarely. It’s best to opt for something simple, like sandwiches and place the moveable shop at the places frequented for a quick lunch.
  4. Rental real estate.
    Real estate is a good alternative to stocks, but it will require a large initial investment. If this isn’t an issue, this business has a great potential.

Opening a small business is always a good idea for many people with a capital to spare. But in the current situation with the global stocks makes this issue more prevalent.