Myler Hughes Announces New Book Launch

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( — April 30, 2018) — Catch Dark Cloud, the seventh book in the picture book series from Australian children’s author Myler Hughes, has been launched. It is the latest story in the Adventures of the Brave Seven series, and represents the climax of the story, ending the seven book series in a delightful and enjoyable way.

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The site explains that the Brave Seven are three children called Dingo Ned, Millie and Mulwala, along with four animals: Mereki the koala, Bluey Merloo the Red Kangaroo, Kooky the Kookaburra and Tuki the bullfrog.

Catch the Dark Cloud is the final adventure in the series, and showcases the trio setting off to catch the Dark Cloud and the Shadow. Their aim is to save the rainbow once and for all, and to do so they’re going to need to go into the maze where the Dark Cloud lives. However, two big scorpions stand in their way.

The last book in the Adventures of the Brave Seven is available on Amazon now, and interested parties can find out more by checking it out on the link above.

Australian author Myler Hughes explains that each book in the series takes children on an exciting adventure written in rhyming verse along with colourful, hand drawn illustrations.

He adds, “The characters are loveable and identifiable. Kids read picture books to see other kids or kid-friendly characters accomplish big things, which is exactly what the kids in these books do.”

Throughout the books, secondary, lovable and charming characters pop up from time to time, which readers love to spot in the illustrations. Each book is also an individual story in itself, and can be read on its own or as part of the ongoing series.

Anyone wanting to find out more about the Brave Seven or the latest book in the series can sign up to the Brave Seven Club. They will be among the first to find out the latest news, and will also receive a variety of freebies to enjoy.

Full details can be found on the URL above or on Myler Hughes’s Amazon author page as well as on his Facebook Page where he offers book updates, games and freebies to his followers.