The Various Methods of Buying and Selling Websites to Check Out as a Beginner

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( — April 9, 2018) — If you are new on flipping websites, then you must be aware of the steps that are involved in buying and selling websites. This is indeed very crucial to ensure a profitable venture. The end step is essential as it involves the actual transfer of the website to the buyer. 

Even before you hand over the keys of the website to any buyer you need to agree to the hosting arrangement mutually. When it comes to buy and sell websites, there are three kinds of options available – the seller gives the keys for a shared hosting account, the website is hosted by the seller on behalf of the buyer, and the seller transfers the site to the buyer’s host. 

In this post, we will discuss the three possible courses of action in complete details: 

Seller hosted site with the help of a reseller account 

The website flippers maintain reseller account which enables them to resell the hosting services which are known as hosting fees. In most of the cases, the website flippers maintain this to ensure that they can get a certain amount of charge after selling the website. But it is crucial on the part of the buyer that even if he agrees totake theseller’s hosting service, still he needs to have his account so that the seller has no access to the site any longer.

In this case, the seller is getting an obvious advantage which means he can continue to get his residual income in the form of hosting fee from the buyer. On the other hand, this is also convenient for the person who has purchased the website because he would not require transferring the site to any other hosting provider and the website will also not experience any downtime. Thus, it is a turnkey for both the parties.  

This seller gives the keys to a shared hosting account

To make matters more painless and simpler for the transacting parties, a separate hosting account is used by the site flippers for all the websites which they develop and flip. For instance, if a flipper creates five sites for flipping, then he can host each of them on five various accounts. This process can become a little expensive for the seller as well, but at the same time, it will also expedite the process of transfer during the procedure of sale. 

The website is transferred to the buyer’s web host by the seller

Above all the three options which have been stated above, this is the most tedious option available. This is a common arrangement for the flippers as most of the time buyers usually have their hosting accounts. With the agreement to this arrangement the seller transfers the website database and files to the hosting account of the buyer and arranges for name servers that need to be changed with the registrar and the entire process is akin to the content transfer from one system to another.