Elite Cameron Inc. Projects Strong Slitter Rewinder Sales in North America for 2018

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(Newswire.net — April 10, 2018) Windham, Maine — Elite Cameron, Inc. of Windham, Maine incorporated in 2017. Since then, the new U.S. corporation has seen a significant increase in sales with much of the buzz around their range of slitter rewinders and hot melt coaters. Wrapping up 2017 with strong sales results, Elite Cameron is off to a great start in 2018.

According to Rob McNamee, the Business Development Manager for Elite Cameron, Inc., the company finished last year with great momentum in the sales for both slitter rewinders and hot melt coaters. Companies, including ADM, a packing list manufacturer based in New Jersey, have purchased slitter rewinders with the latest technology for use in their facilities.  Coupled with these sales of hot melt coater purchases, such as a U.S. tape company using UV curable PSAs based in the Midwest, has made 2017 a successful year.

Elite Cameron has built a strong reputation around quality and reliability in the industry with over a century of experience designing and manufacturing world-class converting equipment. Machines with manufacture dates of 1940 and older are still in use today. Since incorporating in the United States in Southern Maine, they have continued to build on that reputation and have seen a larger demand for their equipment. McNamee goes on to say, “We’re continuing to build on our success and we’re seeing great results already in 2018.”

Elite Cameron’s comprehensive line of slitter rewinders are excellent for a broad range for applications, from the most basic paper slitting to the most delicate films and narrow slit widths.

Their line of center winders is a cost effective, robust and reliable solution for most all converters. With rewind diameters up to 32”, minimum slit widths of 1” and features such as cantilevered rewind shafts and automatic reel ejection, they are designed to be the work horses of the facility.  These machines are also available in turreted models for even higher productivity.

Elite Cameron’s center surface slitter rewinders are perfectly equipped to handle delicate materials and narrow slit widths.  With both surface and minimum gap rewinding options, this line of equipment produces excellent rewind quality, even at widths narrower than 1”.

For applications where there are large roll and high-speed requirements, the line of Heavy Duty/High Speed Two Drum Winders are second to none.

These product lines are well suited for a broad range of industries for an even broader range for materials. With over 100 years of experience, and excellent reputation in the industry and fantastic product portfolio, Elite Cameron, Inc. is well positioned for success in 2018.

Elite Cameron, Inc. welcomes new customers to enquire about machinery to improve or complement their process capabilities.

To find out more, please visit their website at http://www.elitecameron.com.

About Elite Cameron Inc.

The Elite Cameron brand has been established for over 100 years, with manufacturing facilities in the UK & USA, we have in excess of 12,000 machine installations Worldwide! Elite Cameron Inc., manufactures slitting, rewinding, coating and laminating machines which are incredibly versatile and capable of processing a broad range of materials such as delicate non-wovens, flexible packaging, self-adhesive tapes, laminates, papers, foils, rubber, and plastics. We offer a complete line of slitter rewinders including turret rewinders, surface winders, duplex slitters, center winders along with other converting equipment such as hot melt coaters, core cutters, laminators and specialty converting equipment. Our machines are available worldwide. For more information contact our sales & engineering teams in the UK or USA offices. Our Ancillary range includes Manual and Automatic Core Cutters, Automatic Knife Systems, Laser Core and Knife Positioning Systems and our Patented Differential Rewind shafts all of which are available for retro-fit on to other makes of equipment. We have an experienced team of engineers with a wealth of application knowledge who adopt a fresh approach with new and unique concepts to solve your web processing problems.

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