Healthy Experts Now Provide Some Health Tips for Sedentary People

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( — April 18, 2018) Orlando, FL — Many researchers have long warned the public against the dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, it appears that many still end up not engaging in physical activities.

Researchers from the Western University in London conducted a study. It was suggested that sitting up, standing up, and repeating often are helpful.

The investigators suggest that individuals who live a sedentary lifestyle may apply some few simple, strategic behavioral changes to put prolonged chair-sitting days behind them.

Wuyou (Yoah) Sui, a PhD student in the Department of Kinesiology at Western, says that even if we exercise regularly, most of us sit or recline for an average of 11 hours a day.

The human body is not designed to function well with such low levels of activity. More movements are needed otherwise the body is highly susceptible to a range of chronic health issues.

It is worth mentioning that prolonged sitting actually heightens the risk of obesity, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and certain forms of cancer. Following and creating new, healthier habits, on the other hand, can be difficult for those who typically spend long hours sitting at their desks.

The study was published in Applied Psychology: Health and Well-being.

Sui and co-author Kinesiology Prof. Harry Prapavessis reveals that students used a structured, six-week process in modifying their sedentary behavior.

These changes led not just in smoking cessation, but also seatbelt compliance. This process involved the best strategies to take more frequent breaks, which included phone reminders and setting timers.

After six weeks, the students took breaks and there were no improvements in the control group in terms of sitting habits.

The study suggests that people can fight occupational sitting, which may be made by making a few short trips to the water fountain or standing during phone calls.

In addition to avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, it is also strongly suggested to follow a healthy diet. There are nutrients in food that can improve health and ward off diseases. However, foods that are processed and inorganic may be nutrient-deficient and may contain substances harmful to health.

Increasing intake of fruits and vegetables is highly recommended. These are the types of food that contain a variety of disease-fighting, health-enhancing nutrients.

Some experts also recommend ensuring that the levels of digestive enzymes inside the body are adequate. Digestive enzymes work by breaking down food ingested by the body, and increasing absorption of nutrients.

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