Pegimane Set to Become South East Asia’s Answer to Facebook

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( — April 16, 2018) Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES — Facebook is currently under scrutiny for whether they sell users’ data on to third parties. While the subject isn’t as black and white as Mark Zuckerberg claims, there’s one social network site that is sure about the privacy of its users’ data.

Pegimane is a hot new social networking site designed specifically for travellers in mind. Targeting travellers in South East Asia, one of the fastest-growing tourism destinations in the world, Pegimane is set to become South East Asia’s answer to Facebook.

Among some very key benefits Pegimane offers over other popular social networking sites, it is also very clear on how it protects its users’ online data.

Facebook Profits from Users’ Data

In the recent Senate hearings with the House Energy and Commerce Committee in Washington DC, Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg stated several times that Facebook does not sell users’ data to third parties.

While technically this is true, Facebook does collect a huge amount of data on its users, more data than most would ever realize, from a user’s email address to their spending habits, even to the details of their private messages. Depending on a user’s settings and what he or she has permitted, Facebook can also listen in to conversations via a mobile phone’s microphone.

The massive amount of data Facebook collects on its users is not technically sold to third parties. However, this data is used by Facebook to make money, like the $40 billion in revenue it made in 2017.

Facebook allows advertisers to target users with adverts specifically based on personal data it holds. Advertisers can refine their adverts on Facebook to target people of a specific age, gender, geographic location, occupation, education level or even based on what a person likes. So, while Facebook does not sell users’ personal data, it does allow advertisers to pay to utilize that data.

Pegimane Designed with Users in Mind

Pegimane will not harvest its users’ data and private information. In order to open a Friends account on, only the bare minimum of a user’s personal information is necessary.

Pegimane’s social media app and the website are designed to connect real friends for life. The first platform of its kind specifically designed with travellers in mind, Pegimane allows users to share as little or as much about themselves, their adventures and their lives with whoever they choose.

Pegimane Coming in 2018

Officially launching in 2018, is shaping up to be the next big thing for travel throughout South East Asia. With a goal of 50 million users within 5 years, Pegimane is already becoming the new buzz-word among travellers and adventurers alike.

For more information about Pegimane, head to today. All enquiries regarding investment, please contact the Investor Helpline on 1-800-869-1209.

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