Osteoarthritis Exercise Is a Risk-Free Pain Management Option

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(Newswire.net — April 24, 2018) Orlando, FL — Today, more and more arthritis sufferers have a deep understanding about the consequences of taking pain medications. This is why there are those who turn to safer and more natural alternatives in order to manage their condition.

Osteoarthritis exercise is a risk-free pain management option. There are various exercise programs that have been thought by experts to be extremely helpful to sufferers. These exercises could improve mobility but do not lead to trauma or injuries.

One is the flexibility or range of motion exercise. This workout involves moving the joints through the full motion and in their full span. Engaging in this type of exercise on a regular basis is believed to aid in the maintenance and improvement of flexibility in the joints.

Experts also recommend an endurance or aerobic exercise, which helps strengthen the heart and enhance the efficiency of the lungs. Through this exercise, osteoarthritis sufferers are able to reduce fatigue as well as build stamina.

One of the best things about practicing endurance exercise is that it also helps control weight by increasing the calorie amount that the body utilizes. Those who want to engage in this type of exercise may jog, bicycle, walk, swim, or use an elliptical machine.

Strengthening exercise is another option, and it is beneficial due to the fact that it can aid in the maintenance and improvement of muscle strength. It is worth remembering that strong muscles can offer support as well as protection to the joints affected by arthritis. Two of the most recommended exercises for osteoarthritis sufferers are walking and water workouts.

According to physical therapists, sufferers should engage in range-of-motion exercises on a daily basis. Every week, they may do moderate-intensity aerobic exercise for about 159 minutes. They can also perform vigorous-intensity or an equivalent combination for 75 minutes.

Bashir Zikria, MD, an Assistant Professor of Sports Medicine at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center in Baltimore, exercise is good but sufferers should do it intelligently. It may be best to choose low-impact exercises, such as cycling, walking or using an elliptical machine.

One of the goals of engaging in regular exercises is to simply protect and strengthen the joints. There are also other safe and natural alternatives recommended for individuals with arthritis, such as the use of glucosamine.

Glucosamine has been believed to be one of the best joint health-enhancing supplements available. It is used not just by athletes, but also individuals with arthritis. One option to choose is the glucosamine supplement offered by Divine Bounty, which is a company committed in providing consumers with the best-quality and safe dietary supplements.


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