Reasons Why You Need To Run More

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( — April 18, 2018) — Lack of physical activity coupled with junk foods and unhealthy eating habits is killing millions of people globally with the WHO estimating the numbers to be over 3 million deaths every year. It is for these reasons that people are being encourage to be more physically active for other reasons besides longevity like improved quality of life.

Running is one of the simplest physical activities. You don’t need specialized equipment or fancy gears. All you need is a pair of shoes preferably sneakers and some comfortable clothes and you are good to go. If you are so inclined you can pop some music from Buzz Harmony for some motivation as you go along. The beauty of running is that pretty much everyone can do it, wherever they like and whenever they want.

Here are more reasons why you need to run more.

Weight loss

Compared to swimming and cycling, running is a more intensive form of aerobic exercise that burns the most calories over a given period of time. Running increases your metabolism and burns more calories hence more suitable for a weight loss program.

Stronger bones

Contrary to a common myth that running damages your bones and tendons, running increases calcium absorption into the body thereby improving bone density and helping fight osteoporosis. It is however important to adopt the correct running style and have the appropriate pair of shoes for the terrain you are running on.

Keep cardiovascular diseases at bay

Running does your heart a lot of favors. For starters, maintaining a healthy body weight puts less stress on your heart. It reduces the risk of you developing high blood pressure and being the high calorie burning activity that it is, it saves your heart from getting clogged by cholesterol that would otherwise increase your risk of having a heart attack.

Furthermore, running burns abdominal fats that pose a danger to your cardiovascular health.


Running prolongs your life. The sweating, better posture and improved health all adds more years to your life.

Muscle tone

Combined with strength exercises, running burns fats to give you that lean body you are looking for. Actually, it is often recommended to combine the two so that as you build and grow your muscles, your aerobic endurance is also taken care of.

Vitamin D

Taking an evening or morning run will expose you to mild sunlight which is important for the body’s vitamin D requirements. Besides improving your virility, vitamin D is also important for your immunity and bone density to prevent osteomalacia. Vitamin also acts to prevent rickets in children, all the more reason why you should tag your kids along.

Reduced stress

You mental health as well as your physical health improve quite a lot when you take up a physical activity like running. Running releases endorphins – the body’s feel good hormones. These hormones boost our moods, reduce anxiety and lowers out stress levels.


Running increases blood supply to the brain which with alleviated stress levels improves creativity and problem solving skills. This is the reason to take a run before making major decisions.