A guide to merging SEO and social media marketing for the growth of your small business

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(Newswire.net — April 19, 2018) — It is true that as a small business owner you have limited cash, resources, and skills. However, when it comes to promotion and marketing of your brand, you have the power of social media to attract targeted traffic. If you can devise the right social media strategy for your brand, you can see a rise in search engine rankings. This goes a very long way to boost the presence of your business and gain a loyal customer following!

Social media marketing helps in search engine optimization

As mentioned above, social media marketing helps you get more targeted traffic for your brand. If you take a look at social media marketing today, you will find several platforms are simple to use and affordable to promote the goods and services you sell. The platforms have a free registration process where you can create your business page and start to market and promote your brand right away. When it comes to social media platforms, you must update your profile with regular activity to keep the targeted audience engaged. Fresh content is essential for your business as this helps you to engage and connect with your audience.

Understand how social media and search engine optimization work for your business

Search engine optimization and social media go hand in hand with the development of your business. When you are creating a social media profile, you must create posts that are relevant to your brand. These posts should appeal to the targeted audience who will share them with their network. Search engine optimization improves when you have a good presence online. You effectively can invite traffic which is interested in your products and services.

Popular social media platforms for your business today

If you check the Internet today, you will find several social media platforms for your business today. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are quite popular. However, Instagram and Pinterest are doing quite well. The latter platforms are ideal for business owners that have products that need to be shown and displayed. Many customers like to see images of the product before purchase, and these platforms are great to post and upload. Instagram has photo filters to make the pictures impressive. This helps you to connect with your targeted audience faster. Being the owner of a small business means you are responsible for all the key tasks in the organization. You do not have the budget to hire dedicated human resources for finance, sales, production, etc. Learning search engine optimization and its techniques are difficult, and the topic is vast. Moreover, the field is dynamic as developments online are taking place daily, and the search engine algorithms are being updated. In such a case, marketing and promoting your business online is also crucial. It is here that you need experts to take care of your small business needs so that you can focus on the core activities better.

Rely on affordable digital marketing professionals to guide you

As a small business owner, you can rely on affordable SEO professionals and companies to help you with creating marketing strategies that improve the SEO of your company. The professionals of this digital agency will help you with marketing campaigns and promotions on social media platforms. The needs of every social media platform are not the same. The marketing strategies should be different as they will help you to reach out to those customers who are interested in your brand. The moment you start to attract more traffic you can increase the number of online conversions. This leads to better sales and improved returns on investment as well.

SEO means improving visibility

Search engine optimization cannot be achieved overnight. It is a gradual process that improves visibility. The more visible your brand is, the better response it receives. There are times when you will feel there are hardly any visits or sales. This is the time where you need to be cautious and examine the posts you are publishing. Ask yourself the following questions-

  1. Are they relevant to your brand?
  2. Do they engage or provide information to the targeted audience?
  3. Are they getting likes, shares, and comments?

Your social media posts should have a goal. For instance, if you wish to engage the customer survey, contests and competitions is a good way to grab attention. If you wish to increase sales, post a call to action link on your posts. These are just some ways via which you effectively can promote your brand and increase web visibility on search engines. Social media posts will never have a direct effect on your search engine ranks. They will help you to draw attention and increase the volume of traffic. 

Drive targeted traffic to your website with social media

Social media posts should be regular and frequent. However, this does not mean you overwhelm your audience with too many posts. Schedule them as per the time of the day and ensure that you reply to all comments. The more responsive you are to social media the more followers you get. This invokes trust and a deep level of credibility to new customers who visit your page.

Plan a business strategy to implement SEO and social media

Last but not the least, create a sound business strategy for your small business to implement social media and search engine optimization for your small business. In this way, you do not have to rely on expensive promotion and advertising campaigns to reach out to the targeted audience who are looking for you.

Evaluate performance of all your social media posts and make changes to your posts. This helps you to gradually grow and establish a strong web presence in the market which in turn increases traffic as well to give you a competitive edge in the market!