Already Employed? Tactics to Help You Land an Even Better Job

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( — April 23, 2018) — Working at a well-paying job does not mean you should sit back content with what you have. There is always another job that might pay more or give you the responsibility that you desire. Far too many people believe that you cannot look for a job when you have one currently for fear that your current company will be notified somehow. Even if your employer does find out, they cannot treat you differently due to that fact as this is illegal. Finding the perfect job is not going to fall into your lap so you will have to go out there and take it. A great resource to help you with your search in finding the right job is

The following are tactics that will allow you to land a great job even though you are already employed.

Utilize LinkedIn

LinkedIn can help a person get a job quite easily, but you need to be careful. An overzealous recruiter or hiring manager could contact your current company not realizing you have not left that job as of yet. Avoid applying to jobs via LinkedIn for this reason and go to the actual company website to apply directly. One tactic that you can use is finding all of your contacts that you have worked with that have left their previous company. The company could still be looking for a replacement so reaching out before the job is posted can help give you an advantage. If you have worked with the company in the past as a contractor, or they were a client of your current company this relationship can help you garner the perfect job. Take your time by looking through these resume templates to make everything perfect. You do not want to lose a shot at a great job due to laziness when it came to your work history.

Ask Friends in the Industry

For those people that work in tight-knit industries, it is no uncommon to have friends in a professional capacity at other companies. This could be due to a bond that was formed at an industry conference, or they could have worked directly with you in the past. Even if a friend does not know of any opportunities, they can ask their network. Getting a recommendation from a well-respected person in an industry will at least get you an interview. If this person is a huge name in the industry, you might get the job right off of the bat. Keeping up with these people via social media makes it quite easy to see how and what they are doing. Reaching out with a simple email asking about jobs will not come off as pushy so send away!

Alumni Connections

Alumni connections can be found on LinkedIn, but it can be hard to reach out to someone then immediately ask for help. In most major cities for many major colleges there are alumni social groups. These get together to watch big games or to celebrate collegiate championships. This is not the time only to talk to friends in town that also went to your school but to expand your network. Finding an alumnus that has a job for you is not as difficult as you might think as many people love to hire those that took a similar path. Prep schools also have great alumni associations with plenty of people with high ranking titles that can give you a recommendation. Even though you might have hated prep school attending these alumni events can lead you to a job offer you could have only had dreams about.

Continually Educate Yourself on the Industry

Certain industries are constantly evolving with new skills needing to be learned. Digital marketing is the perfect example of this as Google often changes its algorithms that decide search engine rankings. Constant education is needed so that strategies are not out dated thus being rendered ineffective. Attending conferences is a great way to grow your network as well as learn where your industry is trending. Those who get ahead of certain trends are the ones who can make their companies the most money. In nearly every industry a potential employee that can increase profits immensely is a sure hire.

The above tactics will help you find a job if you are not currently satisfied with your current employer. Never settle when it comes to your career as it is something that you do 40 plus hours a week. That is way too much time to not be enjoying yourself.