How to Earn Extra Money and Save While Beating Infertility

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( — April 25, 2018) — For many couples infertility treatment like IVF with donor eggs is associated with huge expenses, spending your lifetime savings, lifestyle sacrifice or even, in case of women, quitting their full-time jobs to begin treatment. However, beating infertility does not have to involve any of the above. There are methods to make the cost of IVF treatment more affordable and to earn extra money in the process.

For business-oriented people there are ways to beat infertility without straining the house budget. Infertility treatment like IVF may last from three months up to a year or even longer, depending on how many IVF cycles you are going through. This is plenty of time to think of and implement a strategy that will help you not only save money for future treatment but also create an additional income on a daily basis.

1.      Start a blog

Many couples who are planning to have IVF with donor eggs abroad, start their own infertility/IVF blogs (or vlogs) where they document their journey to becoming parents: they post about natural ways of trying to conceive, taking supplements, having acupuncture, visits to IVF clinics abroad, IVF cycle, embryo transfer and so on. Some of the infertility bloggers test products and publish paid reviews of infertility supplements, acupuncture services or similar and earn money which they can later use to pay for their own treatment. If reviewing products and services for money sounds tempting to you, remember that all the reviews you publish should be your own views and should not be influenced by the remuneration you are offered. Nowadays, many companies are fine with that as they value honest customer feedback.

If your IVF treatment is finally successful, congratulations, you can turn your infertility blog into a parenting blog and keep earning money on reviewing products for babies, children or parents. This way you are not only able to continue earning extra cash but by writing honest reviews you are helping other parents to make informed decisions about the products they want to purchase.

2.      Write paid articles

After a few months into your IVF journey you may realise that you know quite a lot about the IVF process and the roller coaster of emotions involved. If you are good with words, you may try to have a go at writing. Find infertility/IVF websites, forums or organisations that publish users’ generated content. You can write about your personal experiences with IVF with donor eggs without revealing your identity. There are websites that offer decent fees for well-written texts. If you submit your text and it gets accepted, you can receive a contributor’s fee. The amazing fact is that every IVF story is different and female patients love to read IVF stories and feel they are not alone in their struggles.

3.      Become a sperm donor

If there is no male infertility factor involved in your case, your partner can become a sperm donor (if he meets the donor criteria). In many countries, including the UK, sperm donation in exchange for money is not legal. However, you can become a sperm donor and receive £35 per visit at the clinic to cover the costs incurred with the donation. Also, you can claim compensation for expenses like accommodation, travelling to the clinic or childcare for the period of the visit.

4.      Start a GoFundMe page

Some couples battling infertility start a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for their infertility treatment. If you feel this is a solution for you, try it. Perhaps there are people around you who would love to help you but are not sure how to do it. In your case every $5 can make a difference.

5.      Share your eggs

If you are undergoing IVF with own eggs and you meet the criteria for egg donors, you may donate the extra eggs you do not need to the egg bank. Depending on the clinic, country and local laws you may receive payment, so called egg donor compensation (ranging from $5,000 to $10,000) or a discount for your IVF treatment. Your medical expenses, donor insurance, attorney fees and travel expenses will be covered as well. In some cases when you travel to a distant clinic you may receive allowance of up to $100 per diem (per day).

As you can see, if you have some basic business skills, you will be able to go through the process of IVF with donor eggs smoothly and without major financial sacrifice. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the option you choose. Infertility journey may be emotionally draining and stressful but staying on top of your finances will help you get through it without worrying about paying the bills. Good luck!