How Fitness Guru Chris Cavallini Found Financial Freedom

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( — May 11, 2018) — Achieving financial freedom often seems easier said than done, but regardless of whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or simply trying to better your own financial situation, it’s an absolute must. As Chris Cavallini, founder of Nutrition Solutions is quick to explain, financial freedom is within reach for anyone who adopts the right mindset.

This fitness guru has gone from struggling to make ends meet to launching a successful business that has even been featured in high-profile publications such as Inc. and Forbes.

So how was Cavallini able to overcome adversity and build a successful company from nothing? His guiding principles highlight important lessons regardless of whether or not you wish to start your own business.


One look at Cavallini’s Instagram account quickly reveals that he is a major proponent of increasing self-confidence as the key to successful change. “You have to believe in yourself. You have to believe that it’s possible,” he says.

“You have to look at the most successful people that you look up to and look at what they’re doing and understand that it’s possible. If one person on this planet is doing something, okay, that means you or I can do it as well. The belief in yourself is everything because nobody else will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.”

This is especially true for individuals who are starting their own business. Believing in your own potential is infectious. When you believe in yourself, you express a level of drive and confidence that will naturally carry over to those who work with you. For entrepreneurs, this could easily make all the difference in landing the backing of a key investor.

Though almost everyone will have to deal with self-doubt throughout their life, focusing on your successes and attempting to address your doubts will give you the strength to confront any obstacles that might stand in your way. The success and financial freedom that others have achieved didn’t happen by accident. Believing that you can achieve similar results is key to starting down the same path.

Ambitious Goals

It’s extremely common to set goals in both professional and personal settings. Most goal-setting advice focuses on creating goals that are specific, measurable and time-bound. However, Cavallini found that this wasn’t enough for achieving true financial freedom. For even greater results, his goals needed to be ambitious.

“You have to set insanely high goals that are super specific, incredibly high, and share them,” he explains. “Put them out there. Put it out there to as many people as possible because it has a funny way of working itself out, that accountability … there’s just a lot of power in that.”

As an example of this, Cavallini cites a time in which his business was losing money so rapidly that he thought he might have to close down entirely. “During this time, to gain the confidence and trust of my employees who … knew things weren’t going so well, I put it out there to them that I knew that one day I would be on the cover of Forbes magazine.”

Sharing this high goal and then acting on it in ways that built his own self-confidence helped get Cavallini’s company through that tough time. Even though he has not yet been featured on the magazine’s cover, he has been featured in other Forbes articles.

But more importantly, by setting an ambitious goal that inspired confidence and increased motivation, Cavallini has achieved financial freedom for his company.

Invest In Yourself

Having a strong sense of self-confidence and setting ambitious goals aren’t the be-all end-all in terms of achieving financial freedom. As Cavallini notes, many people (particularly in a business setting) believe they can accomplish their financial goals by saving every last penny that comes their way.

In reality, this isn’t the path to lasting prosperity. “You need to be investing in your own personal development,” Cavallini advises. “You need to be learning as much as you can, reading books, attending seminars, paying large amounts of money, whatever it takes, to get around successful people that you could learn from, that you could absorb their energy, that you can support.”

Though paying for additional learning opportunities may require a bit of financial juggling in the moment, such investments always result in long-term payoffs.

“Investing in yourself is by far the most fail-safe investment on the planet because in order to get better, you have to do better,” says Cavallini. Everything you do to improve your own abilities and expand your skills now will ultimately increase your ability to achieve financial freedom later.

As Cavallini’s example reveals, many of the “secrets” to obtaining financial freedom don’t require drastic life changes. Instead, they are small, everyday habits and attitudes. When applied over time, such attributes will ultimately make all the difference in helping you achieve both your personal and business goals.