Boltaron 1050E PVC Type 1 Sheet Now Has a New Name

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( — May 16, 2018) Anaheim, CA — One of the most respected names in PVC Sheet manufacturing, Boltaron® Performance Products was acquired by Simona® America Group in 2014. Since then, Simona® has been blending the two companies and insuring the continuity of outstanding quality performance plastics. To that end, Simona® recently announced a name change to the Type 1 Gray PVC sheet that both Simona® and Boltaron® have been producing. The new name for all of their Type 1 Gray PVC sheet is: Simona Type 1 PVC Sheet.

The same excellent quality that clients have expected since 1954 is still the quality they will receive today. The only thing that has changed is the name the materials are called. Since there was some cross-over of production items, this name change makes all the PVC Type 1 sheet one harmonious product.

Simona® America has been a leading supplier of a wide range of Performance Plastics including: PVC Sheet, HDPE Sheet, Polypropylene Sheet and Kynar® PVDF Sheets. With the addition of Boltaron® Performance Plastics, the Simona® group greatly expands their already expansive product line. The Boltaron® line of high end Aircraft Grade PVC Products added to Simona® products added extensive production capacity.

At about the same time, Simona® acquired Laminations Inc., a leader in high tech plastics including serveral materials that meet the stringent FM-4910 fire ratings and addtional capacity in PVC, Polypropylene and Kynar® PVDF Sheet. Both Simona® and Laminations have been leading extruders of PVC Type 1 sheet, while Boltaron® has been the only North American PVC producer to use extrusion, calendaring and press lamination. Now all three producers can focus on the best range of products they produce without having duplicaton throughout the new Simona® group.

Because of the wide range of products that Boltaron® Performance Plastic has had the capacity to produce; Simona® can now add this capacity to their wide selection of materials. The Boltaron® plant has extreme proficiency in producing PVC Sheet as well as PVC Alloys and Composites. These materials generally carry very high flame resistant ratings, and some of Boltaron® materials carry the highest ratings available from UL. Some of the most common PVC materials are the Type 1 Gray PVC Sheet, Type 2 PVC Sheet, Clear PVC Sheets, and CPVC Sheet materials. Much like a standard sheet of plywood, PVC sheet materials are normally produced in 48” X 96” sheets. Current standard thicknesses of these sheets are .030″ to 4.0″ thick.

The PVC Sheet product range is large, and is commonly used in industrial, corrosion control, water and construction applications. The PVC Type 1 material is inherently flame retardant, offering the stringent UL 94 V-0 flame retardant certification. In addition, the PVC sheet materials are among the least expensive performance plastic sheet raw materials, this yields a material perfect for many applications. PVC Sheet is easy to fabricate, bond, weld, paint and bend. With this ease of fabrication, PVC sheets are ideal for many made-to-order parts.

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