New Dutch Study Finds Antibiotics May Be Unnecessary for UTIs

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( — May 11, 2018) Orlando, FL — Antibiotics are a widely used type of medication for urinary tract infections. While they are normally resorted to by UTI sufferers, it appears that in some cases they may not have been needed.

A new Dutch study finds antibiotics may be unnecessary for UTIs. According to researchers, some women who suffer from UTI symptoms may skip antibiotics typically prescribed and still experience improvements in symptoms.

Dr. Bart Knottnerus, a researcher at the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam, study leader, suggests that many mild infections can be spontaneously cured in healthy individuals.

A study was published in the journal called the BMC Family Practice. It involved women who consulted their healthcare provider due to the symptoms they suffered from, such as frequent urination or/and pain when peeing.

These participants were asked if they would be willing to delay their use of antibiotics. However, this delay was recommended only when the symptoms did not last for seven days.

It was found that 71 percent of the women who delayed the use of the medication reported disappearance or improvement of their symptoms.

The researchers suggest that the body’s defense mechanisms are actually strong, and oftentimes, it doesn’t need the help of antibiotics. It is worth mentioning that this type of medication doesn’t just kill the UTI-causing E.coli bacteria, but also the good ones. The beneficial bacteria actually play many roles inside the body, and their reduction could potentially lead to a variety of undesirable health consequences.

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