Erectile Dysfunction Sufferers May Find Help From Resveratrol

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( — May 11, 2018) Orlando, FL — Resveratrol has long been studied by researchers and clinicians due to the variety of therapeutic benefits it could potentially offer. It may not just be helpful for improving overall health, but also for warding off certain conditions.

Erectile dysfunction sufferers may find help from resveratrol. Today, there are many men who turn to various medications and treatments to improve their sex life. However, it is important to remember that many fail, and there are even those who suffer from side effects.

According to experts, it is imperative to learn about the significance of a good supply of friendly nitric oxide (eNOS) for cardiovascular and male health. This powerful antioxidant called resveratrol has been found to support male sexual function.

Resveratrol aids with boosting the production of eNOS and it does so by turning on the enzyme that helps produce the substance. This alone has been found to be potentially beneficial for sexual function in males.

In a new study, it was found that resveratrol directly works on phosphodiesterase enzymes, which is actually the exact mechanism of action in male sex enhancement drugs.

It has been found that a delay on the phosphodiesterase enzymes could lead to elevation in the cGMP levels for a prolonged period of time. This enables an erection to last longer. Researchers were amazed by the cardiovascular and anti-aging potentials that resveratrol also exhibited.

A recent study provided support to an animal study in 2011, which involved diabetic mice. It was found that diabetes leads to erectile dysfunction in mice due to the eNOS and cGMP levels spiraling down.

The investigators found that resveratrol was able to regain the normal cGMP levels as well as the erectile function in diabetic mice. Further, this powerful healing antioxidant was able to improve friendly nitric oxide status.

Also, an earlier animal study showed that resveratrol enhanced erectile function in rabbits.

In addition to its impressive potential for enhancing sex health in men, it is worth mentioning that this natural remedy has long been found to offer a myriad of health benefits. It contains a variety of pharmacological agents that could ward off or even treat diseases.

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