Rashad Jordan Launches Guided Meditation to Attract Abundance

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(Newswire.net — May 8, 2018) — Rashad Jordan, the man behind Live Best Life Now, a site that dedicates itself to helping people achieve their dreams, has launched a new guided meditation video. The new 35 minute video offers guided meditation and visualization, and is called “Attract Abundance” because it sets the foundation for achieving success.

More information can be found at https://youtu.be/45E3GPEahm8.

Live Best Life Now was created because Rashad Jordan is truly passionate about helping people to reach their dreams. He prides himself on offering structure, tips, guidance and advice on how anyone can achieve their full potential.

Ever since 2007, when he discovered the truth to reaching full potential, he has dedicated himself to the subject. Now, he strives to offer the best advice, guidance and information so that others can become their best self too.

The Attract Abundance video for guided meditation and visualization is part of this commitment to help people become their best self. It combines the secrets of success with the power of visualization to help ensure anyone can achieve their goals.

Viewers can listen to the recording in a relaxed position and be guided through an effective meditation session. They can listen to it on an ongoing basis to attract more opportunities into their lives, and develop a keener eye to possibilities.

The video can help people to relax their mind, improve their focus, and hone their own individual goals and life purpose. From there, it can help anyone to get more opportunities, make the most of those opportunities and achieve success.

There are a number of benefits of guided meditation and visualization for anyone wanting to become their best self, achieve their goals, and attain success. Videos like Attract Abundance from Rashad Jordan can help people to improve concentration, encourage a healthy lifestyle and practice self awareness.

It also has the ability to increase happiness, develop better self belief, and focus in on the goals that matter to the individual. This helps to make them more achievable and easier to attain.

Full details of the video can be found on the URL above.