How to Avoid Mistakes While Choosing a Trade Show Exhibit Storage Facility

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( — May 18, 2018) — Customized trade show booths are a significant investment, which needs to be protected when in use as well as when not in use. Therefore, trade show display storage needs to be a crucial consideration, after buying an exhibit.

Well-designed trade show displays made custom for your company, which are real winners and most valuable for the next trade show appearance, will need a specialized storage facility.

Find a storage facility with right protection as well as easy access to repairs prior trade show. Similarly, avoid costly trade show displays storage facility choosing mistakes.

Miscalculating storage space

Exhibitors fail to calculate the space amount needed to store displays, after the trade show. Actually, trade show booths need more space, especially when packing is done appropriately, with proper padding and no overstuffing.

Some exhibitors assume that the display will not need more space, when they are packed in crates, so they reserve space within their company premises, which may not be sufficient. With this assumption, they may reserve a smaller area in some storage facility.

It is wise to consult with the exhibit company about space requirements for proper storage of display when not in use. They have the knowledge and experience of how much space will be needed for your kind of display, so they will give you an accurate idea of the storage space extent needed.

Ignoring professional storage facility

Planning to store trade show display crates on your business premises is a bad choice. Professional storage facilities offer amenities like temperature control and security, which is hard for a business to reproduce in their own storage facility. Other services that professional storage facility offer are –

  • 24/7 security
  • Staging services [damage check before event]
  • Round the clock access
  • Shipment of exhibits
  • Streamlined inventory tracking
  • Professional repair services

Thus, professional exhibit storage facility ensures storage safety and all necessary support of previewing, repairs, shipping, etc., which is convenient and affordable.

Renting exhibit storage facility randomly

You choose the best exhibit company after a thorough research to design your appealing customized trade show displays. A large amount of money got invested and now you own the best customized display. However, it is necessary to put similar effort and time in finding an exhibit storage facility.

If you choose the first facility on the list or opt for a cheap location, then chances are high that you might regret it very soon. Exhibit storage companies differ in many ways – services, track records, and reputations. Therefore, make a thorough research on several exhibit storage facilities and request quotes for comparing. Choose an affordable one without compromising on service qualities.

Opting for storage facility, which does not offer 24/7 access

If you are in a haste then you may opt for a storage facility without 24/7 access. If you don’t have round the clock access then you cannot preview or ship the exhibit to arrive at the trade show on-time. If the trade show displays are late then you will run behind schedule. Therefore, to avoid such inconveniences select one with 24/7 accessibility and full-proof security.

Choose an exhibit storage facility, which not just helps to store display safely in a good condition but even offers services like inspecting, repairing, and shipping booth crates prior every trade show.