Matt Antkowiak Embarks on Haiti Humanitarian Mission

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( — May 18, 2018) Cedar Hill, TX — The people of Haiti are still recovering from a devastating natural disaster in 2016. Hurricane Matthew struck the Caribbean island on October 4, 2016, causing an estimated $9.6 billion in property damage and claiming the lives of almost 550 people. Despite an outpouring of support from charitable organizations around the world, the impoverished country is struggling to rebuild its infrastructure and to provide housing for displaced victims. Matt Antkowiak, a decorated military and law enforcement veteran, is working with the Fielder Church of Arlington, Texas to fund and launch a trip with Mission of Hope to Haiti. “Mission of Hope has been a valuable partner to the Fielder Church over the years,” says Matt. “Together, they have teamed up to send several humanitarian missions to Haiti each year.” To learn more about the Mission and its goals, visit The trip is expected to take place June 9-16, 2018.

The upcoming mission to Haiti will seek to revitalize the country and its impoverished residents through a number of programs. Volunteers, including the student ministry of the church, will take part in painting and restoring homes, planting trees, implementing water purification strategies and leading Bible studies in the affected villages. The church group has been collecting donations for several months and has nearly reached its goals. Donations will help cover travel expenses for the volunteers as well as funding building materials for the restoration projects.

Matt Antkowiak is no stranger to helping shape lives through charitable works. As a veteran of the United States Army, Matt understands the importance of providing purpose, direction, and motivation in order to become successful, and who better to impart these elements of leadership upon than the next generation of warriors. In partnership with Newman International Academy, Mr. Antkowiak has developed the Warrior! Program, a week-long challenge issued to impressionable high school students interested in a career in law enforcement, military service and medical care. During the program, Matt imparts his extensive knowledge and wisdom in the field of public safety to future protectors, helping them to focus on their calling, and preparing them to answer the call. Students have hailed the Warrior! Program as “exciting”, “interactive”, “challenging”, and an experience which left them with a new perspective on what it means to serve, and how they can become the best public servants they can be. Matt has again pioneered new, effective, and exciting ways to train the men and women who will protect America and her interests by reaching out to young people, arming them with the heart and meddle of a true warrior. For more information on Matt and his career, visit

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