Brian D. Ladin to Present at 2018 Marine Money Conference

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( — May 21, 2018) Dallas, TX — Noted business leader and CEO of Delos Shipping Brian D. Ladin will present an overview of his company at the upcoming 2018 Marine Money Conference, scheduled for June 18-20. The conference, taking place at the Pierre Hotel in New York City, is hosted by Marine Money International, which has provided the shipping industry with publications, investment information, and services for over 30 years. Mr. Ladin will discuss his company’s investments and acquisition strategies and talk about the future of his multi-national shipping firm. “I am honored to have been selected to present at the Marine Money conference,” says Brian. “The event will bring together many diverse players in the global shipping industry, giving attendees the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others.” To learn more about the upcoming conference, visit

The 2018 conference, part of the 31st Annual Marine Money Week, is one of several events the publication company hosts each year. The event begins on the afternoon of Monday, June 18 with registration and a networking coffee for attendees, which is followed by the conference convening shortly thereafter. This year’s theme is “Developing & Executing on Growth Strategies in Key Shipping Sectors”, and presenters will offer insights into a wide range of investment strategies. Monday’s events culminate in a Shipowner Wine Tasting, held in the Cotillion Room of The Pierre. The reception and wine tasting will also serve to celebrate Marine Money’s launch of its new book, Dynasties of the Sea: The Untold Stories of the Postwar Shipping Pioneers.

Brian’s presentation will cover several aspects of Delos Shipping’s operational strategies. The company is known for leveraging its extensive industry knowledge for the benefit of its clients, providing superior returns on investment with the due diligence and industry analysis it excels in. Delos centers on three transaction areas, including distressed corporate asset acquisitions, long-term sales and leasebacks, and cyclical asset acquisitions. The company built a fleet of 54 shipping vessels over the period 2010-2016, mainly consisting of tankers and bulk shipping vessels. The fleet was purchased on a distressed basis. In 2016, the company sold 48 of its vessels to a German-based shipping corporation. Since the liquidation of much of its fleet, Delos and Mr. Ladin have focused on acquiring new shipping assets. One of its purchases this year was the company’s first cruise vessel with a ten-year charter agreement attached. To read more about the charter vessel acquisition, visit

Brian Ladin has worked in the financial sector for many years. As an investment manager before his founding of Delos, he was responsible for generating over $100 million in profits. Mr. Ladin has become a leading voice in the shipping industry, particularly from an investment standpoint; he has developed skill in identifying economic opportunities around the world through vessel investments, shipping partnerships, and strategic analysis of market conditions.

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Brian D. Ladin, a Chartered Financial Analyst with many years of high-level experience, is the co-founder and CEO of Delos Shipping, a multinational marine investment firm that provides equity and debt capital to commercial shipping interests around the world. His years of experience in the maritime sector has earned him the reputation of being a reputable source for scouting talent within the industry. He is adept at identifying emerging opportunities and leveraging them for continued success.

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