5 Exercises to Help Curb Stammering in Kids

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(Newswire.net — May 22, 2018) — Stuttering, also referred to as stammering, is a condition that is because of physiological factors during childhood. This condition also develops in kids because of neuromuscular issues that lead to inability to use the speech muscle entirely, thus resulting in difficulty to move the tongue and lips properly. In some cases factors like loss of confidence, scorn, anxiety, arousal, and a tense atmosphere can also cause this issue. However, with practice this problem is curable. One can practice certain exercises that will help relax the speech muscles and improve their coordination to speak more fluently. This post will describe some of such exercises.

  • Pronouncing vowels loudly

This simple exercise for treating stuttering involves pronunciation of the vowels by the person loudly and slowly. Reciting the vowels: A, E, I, O & U, will help stretch the muscles in the mouth completely. The speaker will have to be very coherent while practicing these syllables. In addition, he/she may also deform the face during the recitation of these vowels. Also, read the Stuttering Doctor to learn more tips and tricks for overcoming this issue.

  • Pause while you speak

Kids who stutter should learn to pause while they speak sentences. Speaking with a stutter may often be caused due to speaking faster. Thus, it is prudent that the child speaks the sentence with two or three pauses. This helps to relax muscles and avoid stammering. Pausing between words will also enable the mind to instruct the muscles clearly, so that the person can focus on speech pattern without the stuttering. One should practice this exercise alone or with someone to develop confidence as well.

  • Jaw exercise

This technique involves opening the jaw as wide as possible. Following this step, the child should touch the tip of the tongue to the mouth’s roof. While doing this, the kid should brush the tip of the tongue inwards. The child should keep the tongue as far as possible while keeping the tip touching the roof for a few seconds. Remember that this technique should be practiced without exerting pressure on the muscles. Then, the kid should bring his/her tongue out and try to touch the tip of the tongue to the chin. This position should also be kept for a few seconds without overexerting. The child can repeat this exercise for four to five times every day.

  • Using a straw to drink

This exercise practices the tongue by keeping it in a tactical position while using a straw to drink a fluid. You may want to increase the challenge for the child by cutting a small piece of the straw after every few days so that the tongue muscles become stronger. Remember to never use pacifiers for children who have stammering problem. Drinking through a straw will help the child get over the stuttering issue eventually.

  • Breathing exercise

You can also instruct the kid to breathe from the stomach and not the chest. This way the child can relax the tension in the muscles, hence calming the whole body.

Do note that such exercises should be taught to the child under someone’s supervision to avoid any unnecessary discomforts.