Suntrek Industries on Pending California Solar Legislation

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( — May 23, 2018) Irvine, CA — In May 2018, the California Energy Commission unanimously approved legislation to require the installation of solar panels on all new homes and low-rise apartments constructed in the state, with the requirement to start in 2020 if the proposal receives final approval by the California Building Standards Commission later this year. This represents a landmark move by the state, and demonstrates its commitment to reduce global warming by cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The legislation received strong support from state utility companies and builders. Suntrek Industries, Inc., an industry-leading solar power and solar heating systems manufacturer, applauded the move. “Solar energy systems are a sustainable, low-impact means of generating electricity for homes,” says a spokesperson for the Irvine, California-based company. “This new legislation will spur growth and innovation in the industry, ultimately leading to cleaner air and reduced dependence on fossil fuels.” To learn more about the pending legislation, visit

Solar panels are installed on approximately 15,000 new homes in California each year. An additional 135,000 existing homes, on average, receive retrofitted solar collection systems. Under the new legislation, builders will install panels on upwards of 100,000 new homes and apartments by 2020; combined with installations on existing residences, this number points to an estimated 56% increase. Legislation is expected to be implemented by the Building Standards Commission, as the organization traditionally accepts proposals by the Energy Commission without change. Costs associated with new home construction will rise, but industry analysts suggest those price increases will be more than offset by the reduced energy bills most homeowners can expect. In fact, the state Energy Commission estimates that the average homeowner will save nearly $20,000 on utility expenses over a 30-year mortgage.

Suntrek Industries, Inc. was founded in 1991. Among its first products were swimming pool heating systems, which were well-received by builders and homeowners alike. The company quickly developed innovative solar energy collection systems and solar hot water systems, each demonstrating Suntrek’s manufacturing capability and cutting-edge technologies. Today, the company operates several regional centers in the state of California and works with builders, suppliers, and homeowners across the country. Suntrek recently purchased a new property in Antioch, California to serve as the Northern California operations and distribution center, replacing a smaller building in Martinez. For more information on the new center, visit

Architects will have to make adjustments to their design practices in regards to the new Title 24 regulation to ensure that adequate space is provided for solar panel installations on new homes. “For years, we have had to work around what our company refers to as a ‘Disneyland Roof’, one with multiple planes and angles. Our team will work directly with architects to provide south- or west-facing square or rectangular footprints in areas without roof venting for the solar panels,” explains Ethan Heine, Vice President of sales for the company. “We will also coordinate construction with roofing contractors for a seamless solar power installation that provides an integrated appearance, resulting in a great-looking product.” Suntrek will also work with architects and general contractors to implement solar pool heating and solar hot water heating solutions along with the solar power system if desired by the homeowner. The company refers to this approach as the “Power of 3”, making for a total solar home that saves energy costs while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Visit the company’s website at for details on its wide range of products and services. 

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Established in 1991, Suntrek Industries, Inc. provides cutting-edge solar power and solar pool heating solutions to customers throughout the United States. The design and manufacturing firm has been an industry leader from its first days in business. Suntrek, based in Irvine, California, has worked with thousands of residential and commercial clients, developing solar energy systems that blend efficiency and innovation. The company operates several California manufacturing and distribution facilities to better serve customers.

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