How Do I Set Up My Charter Spectrum Internet?

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( — May 24, 2018) — Charter Spectrum is among the leading cable television and Internet service providers in the United States. The company offers high-speed Internet, cable television and phone service across the nation. Charter offers various packages for its high-speed Internet service from which, customers can choose as per their budget and requirement. A new Charter Spectrum Internet connection comes with a cable modem and other necessary components that you will need to access the high-speed Charter Internet. 

After obtaining your Charter Spectrum cable modem, you need to hook up all the pieces in order to go online and access the Internet. Setting up Charter modem requires you to hook up all the cables properly included with the modem then authorize your service through the Internet browser on your PC. In case you have also chosen a Charter Wi-Fi router, then it is quite easy to configure it. Simply, follow the below steps to set up your Charter Spectrum Internet modem. 

Steps to Set Up Charter Spectrum Internet

Step 1

First of all, you need to connect one end of the cable to the cable outlet in your home, while the other end to the coaxial input outlet at the back of your Charter modem.

Step 2

After this, you need to connect the power cord of the modem to an electrical outlet, available in your home.

Step 3

Hook up an Ethernet cable between the “WAN” or “Ethernet” port located at the back of your Charter modem and the Ethernet port located on your computer. With most Charter Spectrum modems, you will obtain the Ethernet cable.

In case you also have a Charter Spectrum Wi-Fi router that you want to pair with your modem, then hook the Ethernet cord to the yellow “Internet” port on your Charter wireless router and not in the Ethernet port on your PC. Once you have connected the cable, connect the power cable of the router and wait until you see the power light turns green as well as the Wi-Fi indicator lights gets active.

Step 3

Now, run a web browser on your computer. You will see the Charter’s router account automatically. In case you do not see Charter’s Identify Your Account page automatically after opening the browser, manually visit the Identify Your Account page on your computer.

Step 4

Once Your Account page opens up, select “Install New Service” option that you can find under the ‘I Am Here To’ heading. Thereafter, mention your account number, primary account telephone number and ZIP code in the appropriate fields. After this, click on “Next” as soon as you finish. 

If you come across any kind of technical issues with your Charter modem or have problems with your Spectrum TV, phone or Internet service, you can get instant help from spectrum charter support service, experienced and skilled tech professionals.

To keep all the technical glitches at bay, what you need is to simply call Charter Internet support to resolve all such issues in no time. You can easily fix all your technical glitches with the help of tech professionals and fix them in the least possible time.