Different Apps That Are Helping Preschoolers Learn

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(Newswire.net — May 29, 2018) –Have you ever been in a room with preschool children or even toddlers? They are always filled with so much energy that it is such a hard task to make them stay in one place.  At their age, making them focus is close to impossible since all they want to do is play.

Maria Montessori, the person who developed the Montessori Method of teaching, believed that play is an important recipe in the learning process. Not only is this method fun for the children, but it also helps them to become more interested in learning. 

Recently, different learning apps for preschoolers have popped up everywhere in different online app stores. These are some of the apps available online that you can download to help your kid learn:

1.)    Teach Me: Kindergarten

This app consists of lessons ranging from basic math to reading and spelling. You can choose what subject you want to teach your kid and set the difficulty that will be most suitable for them. What’s good with this app is that they have a reward system that will help the kids get motivated to get a correct answer.

2.)    JumpStart Preschool Magic of Learning

With this app, Frankie the Dog will assist you all throughout your lessons. They have four types of games. Bug Catcher mainly focuses on teaching shape, color, and numbers. Present Search teaches the kids the concept of following and listening to instructions. Matching Duckies helps a child exercise his/her memory through matching pictures. Lastly, Barnyard Fun helps a kid identify what’s a lowercase and uppercase letter.

3.)    AlphaTots Alphabet

This app is great to teach your child the ABC’s in an enjoyable way. It does this by allowing your child to play different games like building robots, digging treasures, and a whole lot more. They offer 26 games and puzzles that only focus on tackling the alphabet. This app also has entertaining activities like alphabet sing-a-longs that will help make the kids enjoy what they’re learning.

4.)    Kids Academy Talented and Gifted

Are you looking for an app that offers personalized learning program that will adapt to the needs of your kid? Then, Kids Academy Talented and Gifted is the perfect app for your kid! It also offers a wide range of 5000+ learning activities about math, writing, reading, etc. and is equipped with a progress tracker, so you will be able to know how much your kid is actually learning. You can also download worksheets and educational videos through the app.

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Final Thoughts

There are more than 80,000 apps tagged as “educational” in the app store nowadays. Most kids are already aware of how technology works, so educating them through the use of apps will surely be effective for them. These apps are also a good option for parents since most of these are cheap enough. You can even get some of them for free. Most of all, it will be a fun experience for the kids and for the parents as well.