Some Techniques Could Make Note-Taking Easy and Effective

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( — June 4, 2018) Wilmington, DELAWARE — Note-taking is normally done by students. However, it is actually a task that is applicable even after schooling. There are ways to master this task, avoid mistakes and be more productive.

Some techniques could make note-taking easy and effective. There is actually no rule of thumb for taking notes. However, there are many benefits to doing it properly.

People take notes to remember information. The techniques to note-taking may vary according to the project one is doing it for. To organize is one of the note-taking techniques as it increases the chance of remembering more information. It is helpful to keep the notes short but have enough keyword triggers to jumpstart memory. It would also be wise to stick to very short sentences with the keyword triggers.

One of the best note-taking techniques is to simply write using one’s own words. This is essential as many people find it easy to remember things when they use their own words. It would also be helpful to make some adjustments on the note-taking style, and this may vary according to the type of speaker and one’s own needs.

Creating a system of symbols could be useful for organizing information and thoughts. For instance, note takers may use an asterisk to denote a keyword to research or an important to-do task. The main idea is to come up with a scan-through note that highlights the parts requiring more attention.

The indexing system has also been thought to help people spot what they are looking for. This system involves writing out an index on the first page for the purpose of quickly finding notes.

The WAC Journal studies reveal that structuring notes in a manner where there is a sense of hierarchy could be highly beneficial for students. It has even been thought to be helpful for keeping things organized.

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