Know Your Rights: Personal Injury Cases Require Experienced Help

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( — May 29, 2018) — Injuries cause an immense amount of physical, mental and financial pain. Anyone who has already been through the trauma of any type of accident knows the added stress of dealing with insurance companies. On top of having to cope with your injury, you have to endure the difficulty of fighting tooth and nail to get any kind of help from your provider.

What’s more, in the overwhelming majority of accidental injuries, it is not even your fault. This just adds to the emotional toll. These are just a handful of reasons why everyone needs experienced personal injury lawyers on their side.

Personal Injury: The Pandemic

Everyone will get injured at some point in their lives, sometimes severely. Nearly 200,000 people die from accidental injuries in the U.S. every year – that is one person every 3 minutes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that personal injuries are the leading cause of death for Americans aged 1-44, more than non-communicable and infectious diseases combined. The CDC also estimates that around 3 million people are hospitalized annually and another 27 million require emergency room treatment for injuries. Another 92 million have to seek care from their physician.

For those who are fortunate enough to survive their injuries, it is clear that the consequences go far beyond physical and psychological damage. The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that the average cost for just entering an emergency room nationwide is around $1,500. This is even before diagnostic care and treatment.

The Risks are Everywhere

Preventable injuries represent a major health crisis. The most common causes of injuries include falls, blunt trauma, cuts and motor vehicle accidents. Dangers lie at work, on the road and in the home.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found that in just one year, almost 245,000 people of all ages were injured by toys alone. Nearly 500,000 people were hurt by fitness equipment either at the gym or in their own homes. Mopeds, mini-bikes and ATVs were responsible for another 214,000 injuries, while a whopping 3 million Americans were hurt by falls due to ramps, landings or stairs.

You Need Expert Help

The circumstances surrounding so many of these injuries show that any accident is rarely just that. There are so many hazards that can lead to disaster, in our living spaces, our workplaces and in public areas. In the case of motor vehicle accidents or consumer products, it is often more obvious to see who is at fault, but there is liability in absolutely any personal injury situation.

You shouldn’t have to suffer the physical and mental anguish of an injury that can also land you in financial ruin. That initial $1,500 bill for an ER visit is just the beginning. The CDC estimates that the total lifetime cost of medical bills and lost wages due to accidental injuries is around $671 billion in the United States, translating to tens of thousands per injury annually. Insurance companies will do everything they can to minimize payouts, and responsible parties will fight hard to cover up their reputation.

Accidental injuries are a rampant problem across the country. No matter the circumstances of your injury, it is imperative to get legal help right away to ease some of the burden from your life. In almost every case, there was something that someone could have done to avoid your pain. Whenever you are hurt, contact a lawyer who specializes in personal injury. They understand your rights and will do everything they can to be sure you get what you deserve.