Which Brand of Appliance Is Best Suited for Your Kitchen?

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(Newswire.net — May 30, 2018) — Modern electronic appliances have made kitchen work so much easier. However, finding the right brand for those appliances is just as important as the products themselves because a trusted brand means better quality and also better service down the line. So, which brand is the best option for your kitchen? It depends really because quite a lot of companies are churning out some pretty good products these days and some of them also have a good reputation when it comes to providing after sales service. In order to make your choice easier, let’s now take a look at some of the most desirable qualities that we appreciate in our kitchen appliances so that you can match them to a brand that provides those features in their products.


Budget is often the most important determinant while buying kitchen appliances, but you cannot go with a company that is offering garbage in the name of affordability either. This is why, a rule of the thumb is to go with mid-range products offered by a good company, rather than seemingly high-end products manufactured by a brand that you have never heard of before.


Two factors need to be considered here and they are the size of the appliance and the actual space that’s available for use in the appliance. You should never buy any kitchen appliance that is too big for your kitchen because it ends up ruining the décor. The available internal space, on the other hand, is a lot trickier to decide. It is a known fact that despite advertising the same internal capacity, the space inside an oven, fridge or washing machine often differs, depending on the brand or the model concerned. Therefore, the idea is to buy products from a brand that offers kitchen appliances in the dimensions that you need them to be.


Every company will tell you that they have superb after-sales service, but that’s not always the case, as people often find out the hard way. However, this is where Zanussi has an upper hand in the UK over other brands. The Zanussi appliance repair specialists have an excellent reputation for providing high-quality service to all products made by the company and their OEM-approved engineers will also take calls on weekends and often visit your place on the very same day that you make the call. Big names like Samsung and Electrolux also have good customer service, but Zanussi just has an edge in most parts of the country in terms of providing fast service.


Stainless steel appliances are preferred by most customers, but the question is, does it go with your décor? If you are looking for something in plain colours such as white or grey, is it available from the manufacturer of your choice? Are you compromising on the design choice just for your bias towards a particular brand? These are all considerations that you will also need to ponder on before coming to a decision. Take your time because once you make that purchase, you will have to stick with it for a long time to come.

Do You Really Need Smart Capabilities in Your Kitchen Appliances?

It’s great to have Alexa connected to the smart coffee machine, just so you can tell the AI assistant to get your coffee brewing while you are still in bed. However, you probably can do without that! There are definitely a number of ways in which a smart appliance in the kitchen can make life a lot cooler, but in all honesty, they are not yet advanced enough to justify the extra price. Also, keep in mind that if a smart product breaks down, they will be a lot harder to repair than your regular kitchen appliance.

Now that you know all the necessary details, choosing the right brand should be a lot easier. Do some of your own research and keep in mind that just because a company is great at making one product, it doesn’t instantly make it the leading name in every category.