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( — June 8, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — Seeing the sun all year round is common in the tropics and equatorial countries but in other regions a bounty of natural lighting isn’t so easy to come by. Just as humans yearn for a beautiful sunset similarly, plants crave light and it’s important that how much each plant needs and how much they’re currently getting are in alignment. 

“Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy that can later be released to fuel the organisms’ activities (energy transformation),” explains Wikipedia. “This chemical energy is stored in carbohydrate molecules, such as sugars, which are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water – hence the name photosynthesis, from the Greek phōs, “light”, and synthesis, “putting together”.” 

So it’s clear to see how important light is to the life of a plant. It’s quite literally the fuel to the whole mechanics of plant development. Moreover, the right balance of light is needed. If there isn’t enough light then stems can become stretched out at one side in attempts to receive more light, leaves can turn yellow, the plant growth can be stunted/miniaturized, brown discoloring may occur along leave edges plus many other issues can occur. 

“During the course of evolution, plants developed the capability of capturing and utilizing the solar radiation,” explains Banaras Hindu University, Department of Botany in their research paper entitled Role of Light in Plant Development. “These plants gained an evolutionary advantage over those that have not developed these traits. Light besides being an important source of energy also controls many developmental processes like photoperiodism, phototropism and photomorphogenesis of plant growth. 

Let’s break that all down a bit, basically plants have physical reactions to the environmental changes of both seasons and day/night time periods. While everyone knows plants need sunlight to make food but it’s more important than that as many developmental aspects depend on receiving the appropriate amount of light. 

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Something as basic as light which most people take for granted is the key to unlocking the mega growth potential of plants, indeed of all living things. Gardeners are especially excited about the light measuring feature which informs if plants are receiving the appropriate amount to suit their needs. The HealthyWiser™ 3-in-1 Soil Meter ultimately provides them all the data needed to properly care for the individual needs of various plants.

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