Recent Research Reveals the Link Between Lack of Sleep and Mood Disorders

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( — June 8, 2018) Orlando, FL — Health experts have long been reminding consumers about the importance of sleep. Lack of it has been linked with certain health issue, some of which are undeniably difficult to treat.

According to researchers, chronic sleep deprivation has begun to be a part of life in children and adults. Chronic sleep deprivation actually pertains to staying up late and then waking up early for school or work.

It is often caused by the increasing use of gadgets, like phones, late at night. Unfortunately, new research shows teenagers may be at an increased risk of depression and addiction.

This increased risk is believed to be due to a short period of sleep restriction. It has been found to pose some serious physical and mental health risks.

The study was conducted by the University of Pittsburgh’s Peter Franzen and Erika Forbes.

In this research, the investigators had 35 participants belonging to ages 11.5 to 15 years. They were put into a sleep lab for two nights. It is worth mentioning that half of the subjects slept for 10 hours, and the other half for four hours only.

After a week, the participants came back to the lab for another two nights. It was found that they adopted different sleep schedules.

Every time they visited the lab, they were subjected to brain scans while playing a game. Such a game actually involved receiving financial rewards of $1 and $10. They were made to answer questions that measured not just their emotional functioning, but also their depressive symptoms.

The investigators discovered that sleep deprivation affected the putamen. This is the brain area involved in goal-based movements and learning from rewards. Putamen was found less responsive due to sleep deprivation.

Some scientists have long found that sleep deprivation on a long-term basis may lead to the onset of various diseases and disorders. Some natural remedies are speculated to be significantly helpful in sleep.

In a study presented in the Clinical Pharmacology Research, it was found that L-Carnitine aided in increasing spindling. Sleep spindles mean the brain is attempting to keep the body asleep.

This research involved the evaluation of L-Carnitine on the brain waves of subjects with Parkinson’s disease.

It is worth mentioning that L-Carnitine has been linked with a range of health benefits. It is particularly known for its involvement in energy production, as well as the fat burning process inside the body.

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