The Aha Moment! Unlocking the Secrets of a Child’s Breathing

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( — June 4, 2018) Winnetka, Il — For millions of parents faced with confusing signs and symptoms that are surprisingly all related to the breathing habits developed in early childhood and destined to follow us through life, if not corrected early. The Aha Moment is a gripping story of a mother confounded by her son’s challenges. (Reserve your seat www.HealthyStart.TV)

Setting: An international clothing designer and her high-profile sports photographer husband, are working abroad.  While they were photographing an orphanage, Lauren finds herself walking among the babies hanging in nets, waiting for loving parents to adopt them.  For Lauren, it was one magical moment in time when something caught her eye and she turned to see Samnang. Lauren knew- this was ‘meant to be.’   

Lauren was -Meant to Be- Samnang’s mother.  Today we follow their journey and find out, who Samnang was -Meant To Be- as his true potential is unleashed when they discover his breathing habits at the root of his behavior and his limitations. Connecting the dots was the first step! 

An On-line Screening from HealthyStart® by Ortho-Tain® The World Leader in Pediatric Removable Oral Appliances. This gripping saga traces the steps, the emotion, the mistakes and the costly dead-ends that many parents venture, as they search in desperation for answers and help. Lauren wondered, was it her, did she lack discipline, was she a bad mom?

The storyline will share many clues for millions of families world-wide, caught in an epidemic affecting 9 out of 10 children with one, or more outward symptoms of a Sleep Related Breathing Disorder, SRBD.  These clues are often dismissed as common, normal or harmless.  They are neither normal or harmless and they can rob a child of who they are Meant To Be.

The Aha Moment! addresses the dangerous lack of awareness that can blind parents to the cries for help from their children.  A must see insight to identify the symptoms and reveal the secrets of their child’s breathing.  SRBD is a serious health concern with a treatment window tied to the child’s growth and development.  Children do not out-grow these conditions, in fact 92% become life-long health issues with 30% becoming even worse over time if not corrected in early childhood.  Once a child enters adolescence, their window closes and options turn to adult alternatives that are costly Band-Aids and may be painful, include extractions, braces, relapse, counselling, tutoring, CPAP therapy, pharmaceuticals and other marginally effective treatments. 

The Aha Moment! can help your child become who they were Meant To Be. Tune in June 10 for the short film, The Aha Moment!, where barriers where broken allowing Samnang to soar to unimagined heights.  June 10th. at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.  See who Samnang was meant to be and what it meant to his mother!

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Screening Date: June 10, 2018

Screening Time:  2 p.m. and 6 p.m. 

Register to reserve your on-line seat: www.HealthyStart.TV

Admission: Free to the public, reserve your seat now! 

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Full parent overview of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders and the HealthyStart® Treatment.

SRBD Outward Symptoms:

  1. Mouth Breathing
  2. Snoring
  3. ADD/ADHD Like Behaviors
  4. TMJ Issues
  5. Bed Wetting
  6. Academics, Science, Math, Spelling
  7. Restless Sleep
  8. Arrested Growth
  9. Nightmares
  10. Chronic Allergies, Eczema, Asthma
  11. Crowded, Crooked Teeth
  12. Teeth Grinding, Bruxing
  13. Tooth Decay Dry Mouth
  14. Overbite/Overjet, Malocclusions
  15. Dark Under Eye Circles
  16. Swollen Adenoids/Tonsils
  17. Aggressive Behavior, Irritability, Depression, Anger, Headaches
  18. Daytime Sleepiness

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