Best Gifts for Teenage Girls

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( — June 4, 2018) — Being the good Santa is every parent’s Christmas dream. Choosing a gift for your teenager rarely turns out to be the Christmas miracle. The average teenage girl dreams about iPhone, latest makeup range, designer shoes and a lot more. The quirky teenager is often busy with new games, special edition comic series, TV series memorabilia and cult classic movies. From books to statement bags, a lot can be a part of their Christmas lists.

To give your daughter, niece, granddaughter or friend the best gift this year, you need to start present-hunting a little earlier than usual. Start the process by paying attention to what they want and what they like. Most kids are vocal about their needs and demands. If you are in a time-crunch, you might want to consider this list for wooing your teenage angel.

i. Jewelry

Jewelry has to be the safest, yet the most impressive gift you can give to anyone. As per the latest trends, girls are going gaga over gold-plated zodiac sign jewelry. This one has a simple personal touch, yet it is suave enough for parties and day-outs. Small pendants, earrings and ring sets with zodiac constellation inspired designs set in gold and diamonds are indeed breathtaking.

 ii. Add to their makeup collection

Finding the right brand and shade of makeup for teenagers can be extremely difficult, but you can always upgrade their makeup collection by gifting them a precious set of makeup brushes. Hypoallergenic makeup applicators and brushes by designers and artists can elevate any makeup collection.

 iii. Geeky gifts

It’s incredible to be a geek, and you should let your teenager know that. The best way to encourage their interest is by presenting them with Harry Potter memorabilia, Star Wars collectibles, Marvel and DC merchandise and more! Check out for more ideas on geeky gifts, ideal for teens.

 iv. For the adventurer

The fantastic way to encourage your outdoorsy and sports-loving adolescent is by getting them GoPros, skateboards, drones and hoverboards. If it is time to replace her bike, get her a junior pro version with the proper safety gears.

 v. The music lover

Headphones, earphones, speakers, new SD cards and music players are the ideal presents for teenagers, who have a knack for music. Step it up by adding LED lighting systems for their rooms and Bluetooth speakers for their laptops and mobiles. You can also get them started on a Ukulele or a Spanish Guitar if they have the talent for playing and making music.

vi. The scientist and experiment lover 

Terrariums, mini-robotics building kits, telescopes, soldering kits and microscopes are fantastic options for the scientist in your teen. From exploring the microbe world to making electronics, you can fuel their dreams in the right direction with these kits.

This list can help you save a lot of time and energy while choosing the perfect present for your teenager. Not all great gifts have to be expensive. However, they need to be thoughtful and smart.