New Report Shows Patients How to Take the Fear out of Dealing With Lyme Disease

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( — June 5, 2018) — Are you scared of dealing with the effects of Lyme Disease? You don’t have to be anymore with Richard Kuhns new special report entitled, “Lyme Disease Doesn’t Scare Me.”

What do Shania Twain, Ben Stiller, Avril Lavigne, Alec Baldwin, and ex-President George Bush, all have in common?

Each of these celebrities has gone public over the past few years in their battle with Lyme disease and have shown how devastating it can be to a person’s health when they contract the illness.

With the CDC estimating over 300,000 people may be infected with Lyme disease, author Richard Kuhns has decided enough is enough and has written an inspiring free report entitled “Lyme Disease Doesn’t Scare Me” to help newly afflicted patients deal with their own health crisis.

Since Lyme disease is most common during the late spring and summer months in the U.S. when ticks are at their most active stage, Richard wanted to make people aware that “Knowledge may be your best weapon in dealing with Lyme Disease right now.”

The report chronicles Richard’s bout with Lyme disease and how he was able to overcome the debilitating effects on both his physical and mental health. His battle took him to a variety of regular MD’s and natural homeopathic doctors and he found that by using natural treatments which include certain vitamins that address specific nutritional deficiencies as well as a detoxification process that helps clear out the spirochetes, he was able to get his chronic acute Lyme disease under control.

Richard laments why it’s so hard for Lyme disease patients to get proper treatment when he states, “Most people who are diagnosed with the disease have no place to go to get the most up-to-date information on Lyme disease and they are very, very scared. They don’t know who to turn to because most doctors have no idea how to treat the disease. They are kind of left on their own to battle the complications as they go from doctor to doctor trying to find a real cure and end up broke financially, physically, and mentally in the process.”

This is one of the main reasons why he chose to write this special report and release it now. He wants patients to have the facts at their fingertips so they don’t feel like they are all alone without someone to guide them along the way when they are most prone to misinformation and opportunistic doctors.

Richard goes on to say that “Despite the severity of the disease, Lyme Disease shouldn’t scare you if you do your homework and be pro-active with the symptoms. You have to fight for your health if you want to live a normal life.”

The free report gives patients a fighting chance to overcome the disease and provides patients with choices when it comes to treating Lyme disease. He outlines what you need to do to keep your health from spiraling out of control and most importantly, you don’t have to fear the effects of Lyme disease anymore when you have all the facts.

Richard is offering this free report on his website which you can download from here.