6 Awesome Things to Acquaint Yourself with Rummy Card Games

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(Newswire.net — June 5, 2018) — Card games like rummy are no new to us. It is synonymous with Indian households; people love playing rummy with their friends and relatives on special occasions and gatherings. It is a complete entertainer with loads of fun woven with challenges and filled with lots of drama when played with the known group. In the recent years, online Indian rummy has been successful in recreating the same magic in the digital space, perhaps, has made all more refreshing and rewarding than ever before.

Are you acquainted with these 6 awesome things about rummy card games? Enjoy the read, happy acquaintance!

  1. History

It is believed to have originated in the 19th century; it has its root in Spain and derived from French Poker. It is also believed that the name has been derived from Rum Poker. In the earlier days, it was said that anyone who lost at rummy had to buy drinks to the players at the table in the next round.  

  1. Variations

Enjoying the status of being the second most popular card game in the world after poker, the game has several variations to its credit. However, 20 variations of the game are recognized across the world. Gin rummy, Rummy 500, Indian rummy etc. are some of the important variations of the rummy card game.

  1. Brainteaser

If you love challenges, rummy is no lesser than a perfect brain teaser. Especially with Indian rummy, the task of striking a balance with an odd number of cards into valid sets and sequences gets you rack your brains. The rummy rules make you think, calculate the probability of your favorite card, and evaluate your odds of winning with the cards at hand. The winning strategies you formulate will help you to win or thwart your opponent’s chances of winning.

  1. Enhances mental skills

Rummy could over a period of time bring out remarkable improvement in your mental faculties. Your memory would increase to a greater extent, your concentration apparently is enhanced and your ability to multitask and be agile with your moves always shows an upward trend. You’ll find visible enhancement in your mental abilities since you know how to play Indian rummy and you play the rummy games regularly.

  1. Learn life lessons

The ups and downs that come by with the challenges of rummy games are a great learning experience for some important life lessons. You imbibe the quality to anticipate others moves based on the prevailing circumstances. You are watchful of others moves and never execute hasty decisions. Patience prevails in everything that you do, while you become very adept in your actions too.

  1. Means to earn extra money

If you are a talented rummy player, the sky is the limit. Online rummy gives several opportunities to make it big – you could use your rummy skill and wins cash prizes at free cash games, cash games and at bigger tournaments too. These games run through the day and throughout the year. You can certainly aspire to earn some cool cash rewards by playing these games.

As the game begins…

Rummy is not just about a bunch of cards that you toss or flip to your advantage – It is all about how well you play your hand. It’s game one!