Making a Career in Data Analytics and Big Data

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( — June 8, 2018) — Most of us pick a course that is on trend, promises growth and also pays us enough. This is a basic criterion by which the world was functioning. This is no longer valid as the world is evolving. The job scenarios have changed a lot. Mainstream courses like engineering no longer promise you what it has to do a decade back. Employment has become a critical factor in India. Graduates complain of no jobs and employers complain no talent workforce. So the problem lies in the middle. Now the question is how do we bridge this gap? Let us go to the root at which the problem arises. Now, someone is opting for computer science in his or her UG, he or she is going to learn the something which was taught for long. There is no quick revision of the syllabus and most of which are taught in the college become obsolete. This is the major problem.

Big data analytics courses became popular 5 years back and none of the college syllabi has the course included in it. A lot of companies out there have started to rely on big data analytics tools for their business operation and there is a demand for people who can efficiently handle this. But none of us will know this because our mainstream course does not promise this. Hence the hope of landing in such a job is nil. Some people will start to learn external courses like big data and data analytics course.

Most importantly you need to have a good knowledge of companies which are under the big data radar, this is helpful in focusing on the type of job you would like to settle in. Hence your learning should be industry focused and company focused. For someone who is interested in coding and also with numbers, data analytics can prove to be your best buddy. It is very essential to understand how you can learn the course and where you can. There are a lot of online course providers. Do not rely too much on the free courses as the syllabus will be framed in an overview manner and will not give you an in-depth understanding which is important for you to land yourself in a job. Working on training projects and real-time projects will give you an edge over others in terms of problem-solving.

All of these courses promise certificates, of course, complete – remember we are only talking about the paid courses. These certificates will be associated with some well-known course providers or associations. Hence the authenticity of these courses is very important. There is something most of us forget.  We go by price when we are choosing some external courses but for colleges which teach us mainstream education, we pay in lakhs. It is super important to understand where these courses will take you to. So think like businesses. Think in terms of ROI, you will end up where you want to be.