Coded Algorithm Cryptocurrency Trading Fund Countinghouse

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( — June 11, 2018) — Countinghouse Fund has announced that it is open for new investors joining the fund through its ICO. As an already established foreign exchange direct hedge fund, Counting House Fund uses coded algorithms and mathematical techniques to force profit from volatility and movement in the market.

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The site explains that Countinghouse is an investment group that focuses on yielding profit to its clients’ holdings through investment products. These can include algorithmic Foreign Exchange trading, investment strategies and venture capital.

Clients can buy or sell allocated portions of the fund through the Countinghouse exchange. Each unit uses encryption technology to verify every individual exchange, authenticating ownership.

This represents a great way to get the best returns, because it unites the cutting edge capabilities of the digital marketplace with traditional fund methodology.

There are a number of advantages to getting involved through the ICO. With over a decade of experience in trading on the foreign exchange market, both manually and algorithmically, the team at Countinghouse is well positioned to transfer their skills over to the crypto market.

The algorithmic trading methods that the fund uses have already yielded strong success stories throughout Countinghouse’s existence. Now, with updated cryptocurrency algorithms, it is outperforming these models substantially.

Countinghouse states, “While we have repeatedly delivered out investors market-beating returns, the increasing rise in volatility in cryptocurrency as well as the inverse with fiat-exchange has not escaped our notice.”

It adds, “Countinghouse Fund has always remained up to date and adaptive as possible to keep ahead of the market and return higher yields to investors.”

With the cryptocurrency market growing at such a fast rate, it highlights the fact that blockchain is the future. Countinghouse Fund is embracing this as it moves forward, and interested parties can get involved through the ICO.

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