The Big Terms in Tech Industry You Should Look out for

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( — June 11, 2018) — Recently, there was a post on LinkedIn which was about the current job scenario for people who are searching for jobs. It said that only 25% of the jobs are posted online and other portals and the remaining 75% is hidden. While reading this, it can be associated with the brand iceberg model. That is exactly what it was. Most of the time, we have some set of skills and we search for jobs which will require such skills. But what has happened over the period is that these skills have become obsolete and the industry requires something more. Hence it is time to search for skills that can help you in landing a good job.

At present, most of the jobs or career options have become permanent. People do not want to switch industries. This not only gives them the much-needed expertise but also the ability to hold on to a specialization. In order to be at this level, it is very important to understand an industry better. Industry dependency is also important here. Just like software and hardware, as long as there is a dependency, there is growth and scale. This is what you need to understand when you are looking to make a career in any industry out there. Some of the industries that are not going to see an exit in the next three decades are big data processing and software.

Data is getting its hold on everything. Companies have begun to understand the importance of data analysis. Data analytics certification are hot selling courses which are chosen by a wise bunch of grads. The short duration of the course and certification is another advantage. This gives them a quick turnaround into the industry of data analytics. If you are someone who is interested in a little bit of coding, lot of numbers and have an eye for details, then this is the right platform for you to develop and become a smart mind in the industry. Big data is so new that there is no doubt on its growth and scale. Given the dependency of other fields on big data, it seems that it will remain as long as the world itself.

Another industry we are interested to talk about is software. We all know the growth and scale of IT industry in the past decade. Especially in India, which is the silicon valley of the world that has been doing a significant job in terms of software solutions. There is no country in the world which does not get its software needs fulfilled by India. Android is a blessing for the humans. Androids have changed the way we interact to each other. Android development and training is also trending. Android development course is also something which will teach you the basics of Android development to the complex development of android apps.