Top 4 Ways in Increasing Revenues With Powerinbox

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( — June 12, 2018) — Online shopping is expected to be more popular than ever, with 6.8% more consumers going online for holiday gifts, unlike last year, firmly positioning online retailers among the top 3 places to shop this season, almost related to the department and discounter. Not surprisingly, simple web or mobile website navigation and free delivery have become two of the key factors customers are looking for when selecting a retailer.

Of course, all this hustle and bustle also means that consumers are overwhelmed by an avalanche holiday from many sources – direct mail, TV and radio, web search and mobile ads, especially email native ads. Searching and advertising on the Internet are now difficult with the new development of adblocker, a large number of emails that flood the incoming mailbox sender, it is extremely difficult to increase your voice to overpower the noise, and to do this in a little time.

Here are simple and secure ways to increase revenues with Powerinbox:

Send special daily warnings

Maximize your email investment by using the Internet Scroll feature to pre-configure daily notification emails, which are automatically populated with a quick glance at your home page or other pages. For a few minutes, you have created a new way to reach subscribers with little time and effort.

When I need it urgently, I cannot help but count the time.

According to the NRF, nearly 20% of customers won’t start buying until December, which means pressure to find the perfect gift is needed. Take advantage of this limited delivery of dynamic countdown emails to increase your activity to get the best deal or a limited amount before it expires.

Add emails with a third-party tag

The third-party brand partnership for distributing branded emails to existing email lists is a great way to dramatically increase presence on both sides and sell sales. Whether you are a for-profit organization or a nonprofit organization that is having vacation gathering, mutual love sharing, your very valuable email database is a great way to expand your awareness and commitment.

Advertise in newsletters by e-mail

Is there a publisher, a sports team or another person who distributes a regular newsletter e-mail to your target group? Add your email native ads to automatically distribute your special discounts to newsletters that you can trust. It’s simple and efficient, and you only pay for impressions/clicks generated by your ad, so you can easily manage your budget.

Invite announcements to distribute newsletters

Are you an editor? You’re lucky! Adding recommended content to existing newsletter templates is incredibly easy. By placing ads in their electronic newsletters, they easily pay for themselves and then a few to help advertisers increase sales.

Use ad server technology and email

Using an existing ad server platform, it provides detailed monitoring of the CPM status for email impressions. This allows you to accurately write your emails and inventory accounts online in a dashboard. Expand accordingly your current investment in email distribution to add more sales.

Switch on the brightness with the brilliant functions

Adding a little enthusiasm to your email campaigns will also help attract smaller buyers who stand out from the traditional static emails they use. Adding pop-ups, flashes, or shimmer treatments not only attracts attention but also pleases the senses with a “wow” factor that encourages users to get active.

Add an item to your cart with an incredibly easy purchase in one click

You can get them right where you want them, and now it’s very easy for your customers to get a purchase option with just one click in their email. Is this product salient? Instead of linking to a product page, you can do so via the shopping cart attachment. This not only reduces friction in the purchasing process but also influences impulse buying behavior.