Experts Have Now Shed Light on the Myths About Bladder Issues

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( — June 20, 2018) Orlando, FL — Bladder health is undeniably important, and as a matter of fact, it is even a subject of many studies and clinical trials. There are ways to retain it naturally, and it is equally important to learn about how it works and why it encounters problems.

In the United States, more than 13 million individuals are affected by urinary incontinence.

Contrary to popular belief, bladder control issues are a lot more common than originally thought.

In the female population, it has been estimated that 10 percent between 19 and 30 years of age have suffered from bladder leaks. It is worth realizing that urinary incontinence is prevalent in women twice more than men.

Unfortunately when it is left untreated, it can be extremely debilitating. Experts strongly recommend women of all ages should be proactive when it comes to the implementation of lifestyle changes and habits to enhance bladder health.

According to scientists, this muscle called the bladder is where urine is stored temporarily. It can be found just behind the uterus in women, and ligaments hold it in place. These are the ligaments that are located in the pelvis behind the pelvic bones.

One of the myths involved in bladder health is that urinary incontinence only affects older women. This is not true, as there are younger females who suffer from it.

The Always Discreet recent national survey has found that half of women reported bladder leaks affected their personal confidence, especially in times they are trying to enjoy doing certain things.

Statistics have shown that one in three women who are in between ages 18 to 75 suffer from bladder leaks of some sort.

It has been mistakenly believed that urinary incontinence has no cure. Experts say there are different treatments that are provided according to the type of incontinence the body is suffering from.

This includes changes in the types of fluid consumed, bladder training, and exercises. There are also those who say that surgery is needed in the treatment of urinary incontinence, which is untrue.

Treating urinary incontinence is essential, and it can be done by not consuming caffeine, not smoking and engaging in Kegel exercises.

Scientists have been recommending to take better care of bladder health. One of the ways to do it is to make sure it is protected from infections. Urinary tract infections are a threat to bladder and urinary health as they are extremely prevalent.

Fighting urinary tract infections in a natural way can be done through the use of D-Mannose, which is a sugar found in cranberry.

It is believed to be a safer alternative to antibiotics that are often used in the treatment of UTIs. Divine Bounty D-Mannose can be an excellent formula to use for individuals who want to take better care of their urinary health.



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