The Growing Trend for Online Cash Games in India

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( — June 13, 2018) — Online cash games are the new rage in India as it offers an opportunity to the players to win as they play. Unlike regular online games which are purely for entertainment and passing time, online cash games open opportunities for additional income. The rise of internet and technology development in the form of smartphones has boosted the online gaming scenario in India. Cash rummy game is one such game where you can win money as you play. Affordable internet packs have encouraged nearly a million subscribers to take up online games for money. Clear process guidelines have ensured that payment is processed in every 24-hour cycle. Players over 18 years of age can play and can participate in the game with a nominal fee.        

Although a majority of the online game playing audience is predominantly men, be it in skill games or social games; women are also steadily popularizing themselves with the online cash games, along with the regular online games. Under Supreme Court guidelines for online cash games, games of skill are allowed for stakes. This includes popular games like the ‘cash online rummy and Fantasy Cricket’. However, the law does not permit the games of chance like the ‘Teen Patti’ to be offered for stakes. But then, free versions of these games which does not involve real world money can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android phones and the App Store on iPhones. Although the cash rummy game is not available on the Google Play Store, one can either download the app for their Android device via the gaming website or just log-in and play directly on the portal. Moreover, with over 80 per cent of the smartphone users on Android operating system, accessing online cash games is not really a problem.     

In a world where online scams are quite frequent, the online cash gaming websites offer a secure payment option. Here players are required to provide and verify their phone numbers before they start playing for money. Know Your Customer (KYC) formalities are applicable and the players are required to present their ID and address proof. All the gaming transactions are conducted by verified and regulated banking channels. Moreover, to maintain integrity and fairness in gameplay, companies like Play Games 24×7 undertakes strong anti-collusion and anti-fraud detection mechanisms. Like other gaming companies, the cash based online gaming companies also pay GST and applicable Income Tax on revenues. Reports indicate that GST and Income Tax account for a minimum of Rs 150 crore for the online cash gaming industry.  

Online Rummy is indeed one of the most popular formats especially when it comes to playing online for cash. If one is thinking of how to play rummy, the rules are simple and easy to learn, however it requires proper planning and following of complex strategies to defeat the opponent. One the most played variants of the rummy game includes 13 cards and 21 cards. With strong focus on social-casino segment, which is billion-dollar industry worldwide, there is also a strong focus on development of casino games for the Indian audience. Increasing number of new registrations on gaming websites are an indication to growth trends in the online gaming industry. Moreover, the proliferation of smartphones and now extremely affordable data plans has further encouraged players to consider online cash games.

Unlike cash online games such as online rummy and Fantasy Cricket; the social games are not played for real money and are therefore are offered completely free. Arcade, action and first player are various segments in the social gaming world. Although the social games for entertainment are free, a player can make in-app purchases for extended gameplay and access certain levels. Speaking of popularity for online gaming, the industry is already worth over $890 million. Supporting claims for growing demand for games, India has over 250 game development companies, with a minimum of two startups every month. The growth is impressive especially if you consider the fact that we merely had 25 game development companies back in 2010.

Instead of playing for free and being awarded with chips, why not play for real cash and enjoy playing the game too? Currently, Google Play hosts the cash-based games in selective places such as UK, Ireland and France. Over time, going by the growing trend for cash online games it will not be too long before Google Play decides to introduce the game on the Play Store in India. However, until then you can always download the game, register and play it on the app via the cash gaming website.