From Boom to Bust and Back to Boom: How to Make, Lose and Re-Make a Small Fortune

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( — June 13, 2018) Salt Lake City, Utah — History is littered with people who have made money, lost it all and then succeeded to regroup, rebuild and re-make a small fortune. Some have even managed to pull off this feat without being declared bankrupt, while some of these people are famous, household names, yet many more not so; instead the everyday man and woman who lives next door. So, if you’re experiencing financial difficulties right now, don’t think you’re the first, or indeed, the last person to go through it, as a quick glance through the following back catalogue testifies.

Financial hardship can beset anyone, anytime, typically striking when you’re least expecting (or prepared) for it. It’s how people react to and ultimately deal with the situation that tells you more about the mettle of that individual. Yes, nobody ever wants to entertain the idea of losing what they’ve got, or observe helplessly as everything they’ve ever worked for is put on the line; however in hindsight, it can be the making of someone famous or not so instantly recognizable.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trivialising the concept of financial loss, but we are saying it’s perfectly normal for people to find themselves in a position you might be in right now. And they could well be judged more by others on how they deal with the eventuality rather than what landed them in monetary strife from the outset. Casting our eye over a seemingly motley crew of familiar names below, all have endured the full cycle; albeit during a life lived in the public glare. As Steve Jobs once quipped, “perfectly normal folks can turn into ‘bizarro people’ when they suddenly come upon wealth,” yet the following folk certainly did what it took to reverse their fortunes.

Steve Jobs

Speaking of Apple’s guru, Jobs was just 30 (and with all the trappings of wealth) when his vision came crashing down around him. Having (almost) single-handedly revolutionized personal computing and originated an iconic brand, he was forced out of his own company. Describing this passage at the time, Jobs told an audience how; “What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it was devastating,” adding that he was, by his own admission; “a very public failure.” Of course, it wasn’t long before Jobs’ career was on the up again, and after sustaining a meteoric rise and a humbling fall from grace, he then went on to achieve the mother of all comebacks.

Jordan Belfont

Famously portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in Hollywood’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, stockbroker Belfont led the ultimate playboy lifestyle, said to be earning a reputed $250 million by the age of just 25. Alas, his ill-conceived money laundering and securities fraud ventures eventually caught up with him, culminating in the FBI stripping him of his considerable assets and assisting in Belfont receiving a jail sentence. However, on his release from prison, the former disgraced trader penned the book which inspired the Scorsese-directed film (which grossed him a few quid in the process).

Stanley Kirk Burrell

You may know him better as a certain 1990s rapper called MC Hammer, whose penchant for loose-fitting trousers and catchy lyrics ensured he banked an eye-watering $30 million in his heyday. Unfortunately he splashed most of the cash on mansions and expensive gifts for friends, and by the end of the decade was filing for bankruptcy. After reinventing himself as a pastor, Burrell now lives and preaches in California, having proved that you can’t touch this. If the ‘this’ in question was the temptation to blow your fortune at a young age.

Larry King

Another person with a taste for the finer things in life, Larry King enjoyed a lavish lifestyle during his early days on radio; one which couldn’t be bankrolled by his relatively meagre salary. Gambling debts resulted in a six figure bankruptcy claim in the late 1970s, before he was headhunted to front a national night-time talk show on cable TV. Spotted doing this by US TV behemoth, CNN’s founder, just a few years later the nightly broadcasting of ‘Larry King Live’ propelled the eponymous anchor to stardom. And not long after, a $10 million a year contract.

Walt Disney

And don’t forget, even Walt Disney experienced the financial lows as well as the highs, as he watched his first animation and film studio hit the buffers back in 1922 in Kansas City. Immediately after this, Disney relocated to California and set-up Disney Bros. Studio; which spawned a character you may have heard of called Mickey Mouse in 1928.

Naturally, for every Steve Jobs and Jordan Belfont, there’s a thousand Joe and Josephine Bloggs (not necessarily related), who have endured financial hardships which have sorely tested their resolve.

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