Norwegian Lottery Announces Its Partnership With Novomatic

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( — June 15, 2018) — Gambling and gaming services in Norway are provided by state-owned monopolies. Norsk Tipping, which came under state ownership in 1993, has exclusive rights for operating the national lottery. It offers customers different services as well, including sports betting and gaming. The company recently struck a deal with Novomatic Lottery Solutions to supply new games.

Novomatic is an international gambling company based in Austria. It operates casinos in several countries and generates a multi-billion profit yearly. The company has over 25,000 employees worldwide and more than 260,000 gaming devices and video lottery terminals in operation. Novomatic Lottery Solutions is one of the subsidiaries of the company. It provides lottery solutions, allowing companies to offer innovative games to their customers. NLS will now provide half of the new games to Norsk Tipping as well, according to Nye Casino Ninja.

Novomatic Lottery Solutions’ Director of Product Management, Pall Palsson commented on the news saying, “We are thrilled that once again our offering has proven to be the best fit for Norsk Tipping’s sophisticated online games portfolio. NLS and Gamevy each proposed five innovative game concepts to Norsk Tipping in this mini-competition and each won three. This is a great validation of NLS’ strategy to both create innovative game content in-house and partner with leading industry suppliers such as Gamevy.” Gamevy is an instant win and digital scratchcard provider that formed a partnership with NLS in 2016.

Mr. Palsson pointed out that the agreement is especially beneficial for the customers, who will gain access to new games that might be more fit for the current audiences. “The end result of this approach for Norsk Tipping players is more innovative games that will reach a younger target audience and ignite player excitement,” he commented. Customers have to look forward to six new e-Instant games, provided by Gamevy and Novomatic (read more via this link).

It is notable that a proposal tightening the watch over internationally licensed online gambling sites was recently approved by the Norwegian parliament. All gambling services that are not offered by the state-owned monopolies are illegal in Norway. According to the new proposal, consumers will be met with warnings when they try to open one of the gambling websites, not licensed in Norway. Although no DNS blocking will occur, the change will definitely strengthen Norsk Tipping’s market power. With the new and innovative games offered by Novomatic, customers might not need to look for services with other providers at all.