A Dancer’s Perspective on IcyHot, Biofreeze and Tiger Balm Ingredients

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(Newswire.net — June 15, 2018) — With the number of topical analgesics on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Conquering Arthritis’ Cassandra Willis makes that decision easier with her newly updated detailed ingredient comparison of the industry’s top contenders: IcyHot, Biofreeze, and Tiger Balm.

“As a dancer and someone who suffers from flat feet related muscle and joint pain, I used to use IcyHot when I want to distract myself from the pain,” Willis continues, “that was until I was introduced to Biofreeze by a masseuse.” After this experience, she wanted to take a closer look at the ingredients to understand how each product worked and what made their formulas unique.

“I also heard friends having great results using Tiger Balm, which has been popular for over a century, so naturally I had to compare this product too,” Willis explains.

In the article, Willis explains all three products are menthol based. Menthol is what creates the cooling sensation that provides pain relief, increased circulation, and reduction of inflammation. These are similar benefits to icing an injury without the potential for numbness. Though it contains the least menthol, Willis asserts Biofreeze delivers the longest lasting cooling sensation and remains the most workable for continued massage.

While the icy feeling helps the sore muscle or joint to relax, all three products deliver a secondary form of pain relief. Tiger Balm and IcyHot, continue to ease pain with heat. In IcyHot, the heat comes from the methyl salicylate, a form of aspirin that heats up after application. While in Tiger Balm, the heat comes from camphor, which is also a numbing agent. Biofreeze takes a different approach. Instead of heat, it uses a combination of homeopathic ingredients like arnica and ILEX paraguariensis to reduce inflammation and pain.

To discover Willis’ surprising recommendation for which of these three product is best for pain relief, read the full article here: http://www.conqueringarthritis.com/articles/icyhotbiofreeze.htm.