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( — June 18, 2018) Winnetka, IL — For parents, back to school is about preparing children to have the most successful school year. This usually includes buying books and school supplies, but why not arm children with the most important tool they have, their health. A dental sleep / airway assessment is simply essential … and why not? There is nothing to lose and everything to gain for every child and every family, even if it is just peace of mind.

When people think of Sleep Disorders, most think they only affect adults. But, national statistics show that over 40 million children can suffer from Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders. Like adults, sleep and breathing disorders have many health consequences.

The Aha Moment is the story of a Mother’s journey who was told that her son, Samnang was the ‘bad kid’. He was that child who was never invited to parties because he would overwhelm the other kids. He was the child who could not focus in school.

His mother, Lauren was left feeling like maybe she had done something wrong. She turned to doctors and eventually a behavioral therapist. The answer she was given was one she would not accept …. “Medicate him!”

Lauren knew there had to be another way. What she saw in Samnang was a brilliant boy with an amazing personality. The question was, how was she going to bring out the very best version of her child?

9 out of 10 children are suffering with one or more of the outward symptoms of Sleep Related Breathing Disorders just like Samnang. Theirs is a story of hope for these children … because there is help and this help can positively impact the health and future of these children for their lifetime.

August is National Back to School Month. Learning and education are key components that lead towards future success and not just for the school age children that are the focus of this short film, but for parents as well.

This is a very short film that every parent should see. 15 minutes that could change a life, forever.

This could be your child. Watch “The Aha Moment!”

About HealthyStart® by Ortho-Tain®

About HealthyStart® by Ortho-Tain®

HealthyStart® is a 51 year old company that has helped over 4 million children around the world. The world leaders in assessing and treating pediatric sleep, breathing and airway disorders. Our mission is to educate every Doctors and parent.

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