Multi-Colored Tadkin’s 100-Pen Set Conquers the Global Market

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( — June 25, 2018) Wilmington, DELAWARE — Tadkin is widely thought to be a reliable source of high-quality office and stationary supplies. Its Ultimate Gel Pen Collection is one of these products, and it appears to be gaining a growing interest and trust among many consumers.

Tadkin’s multi-colored 100-pen set conquers the global market. There are many pen set options available in the international market, and like this one from Tadkin, they could be purchased in just a matter of clicks online.

However, there are many things that make this set extremely popular. First is the number of pens and uniqueness of color each pen comes with. It has 100 pens, which many consumers are delighted about. These 100 pens could be used for a variety of school and art projects.

Each of these pens also comes with a unique color, and this means there are no duplicate colors. These colors range from neon, pastel, metallic, classic and glittering. These are the pen features that many consumers want.

What makes this set even more interesting is that the pens are equipped with a quick-drying ink. This avoids smears or smudges, which could destroy one’s work. Since the ink quickly dries up, it won’t end up making a mess and this is something that is important for many people, especially those who are using an adult coloring book.

In adult coloring books, enthusiasts would be able to use these pens to color and fill in even the most intricate details. Every pen has a rollerball point fine tip that could work on outlines and fine lines. This is ideal for adult coloring books with intricate details like mandalas.

This amazing set of gel pens is ideal for a variety of projects, such as sketching, scrap-booking, and writing in a diary. It is also worth mentioning that this amazing set comes in an ergonomic packaging, which Tadkin provides to make sure that consumers can easily store each pen and bring the entire set wherever they go.

This ergonomic carry case prevents the risk of losing or misplacing any pen. It also makes sure that consumers won’t have difficulties organizing the set, and reduce their risk of spending for pens to replace lost ones.

This highly competitive set of gel pens are non-toxic, and are ideal for students and children. It could be a useful coloring material for individuals who use adult coloring books. It is cost-effective too and even comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee.


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