Multidisciplinary CE Lecture On Pediatric Airway & Oral Health

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( — June 18, 2018) Winnetka, IL —

2 Pediatric Sleep And Airway Lectures in Northern CA Aug. 15 & 17  

The global leader treating pediatric sleep disorders with patented oral appliances also educate doctors on the #1 topic and largest draw at dental conferences.

Dental school professor and CE Course creator, Earl Bergersen, DDS, MSD, ABO founder of Ortho-Tain® and inventor of the HealthyStart® Treatment System is pictured with orthodontist, Anthony Marino, DDS MS. (Northern CA.) They are holding up a key screening tool, a Sleep Questionnaire that brings parents to the dentist armed with their own personal observation and assessment of their child’s sleep habits and patterns.  From there, a patient profile is developed by the doctor gathering essential dental and medical records and starting the child on a Habit Corrector™ appliance worn at night while the child sleeps.

An estimated, near 40 million children in the US have at least one outward symptom and on average, about 6 symptoms related to SRBD, Sleep Related Breathing Disorders.  There is a clear forecast for all pediatric caregivers, a need to be prepared to treat or refer patients with sleep and breathing disorders to trained, certified providers. 

CEO, Leslie Stevens overviews SRBD, at the Greater New York Dental Meeting and enrolls doctors to take the next online class or attend a destination training.  These professional influencers in the dental field, are at the frontline with this continuing education.  They certify doctors and their staff to become HealthyStart® providers knowing that much of what goes on in a child’s mouth is tied to their future health if not corrected in their early growth and development.  

“Multidisciplinary Care is required.”   Course instructor, Orthodontist, Anthony Marino, DDS MS, draws together a circle of pediatric specialists to share their knowledge and best practice protocols, with the wider spectrum of healthcare specialists that see children with these outward symptoms in their offices. There is a growing consensus among doctors engaged in study clubs and associations to establish trusted multidisciplinary referral networks.  Now dentists, orthodontists, ENT’s, pediatricians, family doctors, Ph.D’s, educators, myofunctional therapists, general family and childcare providers are connecting parents to the most comprehensive and permanent care for these young patients and wasting no time.  Time is the enemy for the corrections being made during a child’s brief growth and development phase from about age 2-to near adolescence.

“This is a Medical Problem with a Dental Solution.” So heightened is the awareness, that the American Dental Association, continues to refine their statement on the ‘ROLE OF THE DENTIST.’  Dentists are the oral physicians, providing the evaluation of young patient’s growth and development, their breathing habits and airway function as well as their sleep profile.  The medical mindset is becoming more laser focused with appreciation for how it all connects with overall influence on a child’s health for life. The dentist, like no other health professional has the team, routine visits, equipment or specialized education to deliver this treatment.  Dentistry has become a broader healthcare discipline with an even more defined focus.

Marino said of the Silent Epidemic, “Children will not outgrow these problems-they are growing into them.”  He knows because he has been treating thousands of children with SRBD for 3 decades.  

Marino learned of these specialized removable oral appliances from his chairman at OSU, who said “It would become the future of orthodontics!”  The HealthyStart® treatment system addresses serious and life-long habit-based health patterns, with a series of appliances that carry 514 patents and perform in ways that no other appliance can touch.  There is a patented, built in myofunctional exercise with every swallow.  Hundreds of times all night long, the child passively corrects the damage done by well-intended lifestyle trends and products like nipple bottles, pacifiers and soft processed foods.

All doctors can share in these results with the proper education.

2 Course options, 

Dr. Anthony Marino and Dr. Anit Patel MD. Pulmonologist and Sleep Medicine Specialist will deliver course material.

Two 1/2-day Dental CE Classes, Dublin, CA Evening-August 15th. or Rocklin, CA Morning-August 17th.

Mapping the airway with 3D imaging.  The innovative 3D, CBCT Cone Beam computed tomography is a medical imaging technique with ultra low dose radiation to provide a clear view of the airway and will be reviewed in the course. 

For pediatricians, dentists, sleep specialists, Ph. Ds and educators, the message is one of awareness and action.  For years dentists have been concerned about what they witness in their practices- now the entire world is anxious to know what their dentist can do to help children avoid the outcome of the unaddressed root causes and outward symptoms of this very treatable and progressive health condition now known as SRBD.  

Register now for this informative introduction to the pediatric challenges and solutions to Sleep Related Breathing Disorders.







































  1. Mouth Breathing
  2. Snoring
  3. ADD/ADHD Like Behaviors
  4. TMJ Issues
  5. Bed Wetting
  6. Academics, Science, Math, Spelling
  7. Restless Sleep
  8. Arrested Growth
  9. Nightmares
  10. Chronic Allergies, Eczema, Asthma
  11. Crowded, Crooked Teeth
  12. Teeth Grinding, Bruxing
  13. Tooth Decay Dry Mouth
  14. Overbite/Overjet, Malocclusions
  15. Dark Under Eye Circles
  16. Swollen Adenoids/Tonsils
  17. Aggressive Behavior, Irritability, Depression, Anger, Headaches
  18. Daytime Sleepiness

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