Moisture Is Key to a Beautiful Garden

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( — June 26, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — Water is one of the best mediums for minerals and nutrients to be delivered by but for plants, just as with humans, too much water can be a bad thing. Plant roots can begin to rot if the soil it’s embedded in becomes water logged whether by a flood or overwatering. Similarly, not enough water can be detrimental.  

“Soil moisture is the water stored in the soil and is affected by precipitation, temperature, soil characteristics, and more,” explains Earth Science Week. “These same factors help determine the type of biome present, and the suitability of land for growing crops. The health of our crops relies upon an adequate supply of moisture and soil nutrients, among other things. As moisture availability declines, the normal function and growth of plants are disrupted, and crop yields are reduced. And, as our climate changes, moisture availability is becoming more variable.” 

This concept applies not only to cash crops or farmlands but also to home gardens with healthy and flourishing plants. To have a beautiful and vibrant flower bed, it’s important to constantly be mindful of soil quality which includes pH and moisture measurements. 

“There are a variety of soil types that will be better for certain growth situations,” details “Soil types tend to fall into sandy soils, loam soils, and clay soils. Sandy soils are light and course, comprised of alluvial and crumbling debris. Loam soils tend to be a blend of alluvium and coarse, fine material such as clay. Clay soil itself is clinging and heavy, usually comprised of humus and lime particles. This type of soil is generally very waterlogged and can be hard to work with.” 

The type and quality of soil being dealt with will determine just what plants can and cannot thrive well in it so soil testing is critical and the HealthyWiser™ 3-in-1 Soil Meter is a great tool for collecting the necessary information. There is even a guide insert provided in the 3-in-1 Soil Meter packaging to inform user of the soil and light needs of a few of the most common plants.

“There are a few of us in this household who garden but we don’t keep track of who waters and when, leading to overwatering,” shares a verified customer on Amazon. “This is perfect to leave out for the next person whose watering will drown the plants and if you’re in Southern California, waste water. Good price point, too. Simple and effective design.” 

Having a reliable means of monitoring soil and light exposure is blissful for home gardeners as they can now nurture their plants like an expert and reap the benefit of having a lovely selection of plants, both indoors and out. With the help of the HealthyWiser™ 3-in-1 Soil Meter everyone can enjoy healthy and happy plants all year round.

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