Nursing as a Working Mom

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( — June 29, 2018) Cheyenne, Wyoming — As one’s maternity leave draws to an end it’s all about making childcare preparations. Making arrangements for daycare, pick-ups and the whole shebang are made with the concerns regarding nursing moms in mind to avert engorged breasts. The most obvious solution is to pump breast milk. Meanwhile some may opt to take breaks from work to have nursing sessions.  

“I had hoped to not only be able to feed my baby but to send a message to young women that they belong in the parliament,” said Larissa Waters, an Australian Senator who became the first politician to breastfeed in her country’s parliament in May 2017. 

Not many are in the position to carry their baby with them at work. The nourishment and emotional bond provided by nursing contributes to an important stage of development for infants which should not be compromised unnecessarily. 

“Women are going to continue to have babies and if they want to do their job and be at work and look after their baby… the reality is we are going to have to accommodate that,” said Katy Gallagher, Australian Labor Senator. 

Some professions function in a way that can facilitate nursing on the job but most just don’t make room for such activities due to too many issues involved regarding the safety of infants and interruption to essential services of one’s job function. 

Obviously, occupations such as those in the food industry and medical field by nature are just not favorable for breasting on the job. That’s why radiation therapist Melissa Bressler chose to express her milk via a hands-free nursing bra while having lunch and working on her desk computer. A sure candidate for the “ultimate super multitasking mom” award if there ever was one.  

Her co-worker thought it was commendable that she would go to such great lengths to provide breast milk for her one year old toddler even while at work. And so a photo was taken and posted in a breastfeeding support group on Facebook. The photograph went viral, garnering more than 12,000 likes and received 300 comments in the space of a week. 

“The love my photo received is overwhelming,” said Melissa Bressler. “I hope women are inspired by it and know that they too can still provide breast milk for their baby even if they are a student or working mother.” 

It’s well known that nursing doesn’t have to be stopped when a mom returns to work because there are options available once it was something one truly desires to continue with. One should bear in mind that maintaining a healthy diet is still of great significance so having drinks or meals prepared with alcohol is something to be cautious about throughout the day. Keeping a breast milk analysis kit, such as the HealthyWiser ™ PureMilk™ alcohol detecting strips, at hand is a practical and convenient way to check the octane content of your breast milk prior to a pump or feed if the need arises.

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